For further information about the Series or to submit a paper for potential publication, please contact biswps econ. The SFR case study , reported by Sue Weakes [2] , shows how a younger workforce is demanding better access to social media. The Paradox of Expertise 20 June gives us some insights into way this might be the case. We expose the role and benefits of ESN for professional services and consultancy businesses. Enterprise Social Media and Knowledge Management The field of knowledge management has historically taken an artefactual and asset-oriented view of knowledge. There are different approaches for identifying genres from data sets. At work we use Yammer for this exact reason.

The average message length was char- acters. You know about us, now we want to get to know you! Complexity Social Learning Yammer Training See the top articles from:. It turns out that Yammer serves a valuable purpose in building the shared context and so- cial fabric that acts as the background upon which all other knowledge work becomes possible.

Yammer, in our case company, is serving precisely that purpose: We will discuss both, the knowledge practices we find within the data set and those that have not emerged in the Yammer space, but were documented in other microblog- ging cases.

Today approximatelydedi- cated professionals work in independent firms in more than countries under the Deloitte brand. Yammer Deloitte Australia In this section we will first provide an overview of Gammer Australia, before we introduce the Yammer service and some background on how it was launched within the case company.


All mes- sages in a thread share a common thread UID. Yammer has been appropriated and found its place within Deloitte Australia as 1 an information-sharing channel, 2 a space for crowdsourcing ideas, 3 a place for finding expertise and solving problems and, most importantly, 4 a conversation medium for context and relation- BIS WP Powercrowd: Once you’ve accepted, then you will be able to choose which emails to receive from each site.


Our study has certain limitations. In early August a group of people in Deloitte began experimenting with Yammer, around the time when the service first emerged on the Internet.

Human Relations, 54 7— In the following we will refer to threads that have at least two messages as a conversation. Our genre analysis allows us to illustrate with rich data the role that the EMB platform has assumed in the case company.

Moreover, PSF workers travel often.

Case Study and Yammer – Working Smarter Daily

We uncover a set of emerging practices enabled by the platform within the case company and reflect on our results in the context of the knowledge-intensive nature of professional service work. We have indicated that other studies are finding different practices emerging from EMB.

yammer case study deloitte

However, this genre only accounts for 1. A knowledge repository of communicative actions. Only a small amount of messages were identified as providing proactive support.

yammer case study deloitte

For more information on this law, you may visit the Government of Canada’s site. How and Why People Twitter: Consequently, because knowledge is both an essential ddloitte and the output of professional service work, challenges arise regarding organisa- tional learning and the transfer of knowledge between projects and teams Weiss Only if people are aware of what others are doing reloitte what they are interested in can they post the relevant information that provides the foundation for serendipity to happen.

After a further data cleansing e. Panelists from Packard, Knight, CaseZeroDivide, and MacArthur Foundations, DotOrgPower, and audience participants agreed that foundations must adapt now in order to remain strong, effective change-makers. In the following section we describe the resulting genre repertoire. However, the role and impact of social technologies in enterprises in general and knowledge work in particular are still not well understood, despite emerging scholarly works in this field.


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We uncov- er a set of emerging practices enabled by the platform within the case company and reflect on our results in the context of the knowledge-intensive nature of professional service work.

Authors such as Andrew McAfee have rightly argued that wikis are capable of making both the organisational knowledge work and its output more visible and transparent McAfee ; McAfee and Sjoman Eliciting communicative practices from the data set: Cancel my subscriptions Don’t cancel my subscriptions.

The practice evolves around using the platform as an unstructured storage space, where information is later accessed facili- tated by tagging and a powerful search function. That means that individuals typically share a common knowledge background and are en- rolled in the same general professional practice. Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: Through the attachment of media files the disadvantages of text-based communication can be lessened.

The code was assigned when someone offered their opinion or judgement on various matters during a discussion.