Housed in the Engineering Building and Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering Building, these laboratories are used for hands-on research training of graduate students. All discipline-specific formats will be considered. Why pursue a Masters in Civl Engineering? Yes Graduate Studies Application: Formal Papers Review Papers Authors are welcome to submit original research journal manuscripts or review articles for publication in this collection. Thesis Option Non-thesis option A thesis option is offered for students who want the opportunity to obtain expertise in research and who may be interested in pursuing the doctoral degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering.

The written part of the qualifying examination is given in June of each year. A nonthesis option is available for students who want a practical industrial applications-oriented degree. The faculty mentor s can help with the most appropriate format. Over the past ten years, the College of Engineering has experienced unprecedented growth as both our undergraduate and graduate student enrollment expands. A dissertation committee includes the PhD advisor as the chair of the committee and a minimum of four members.

Students are required to take the common area as well as a major area ddadline a minor area from the three technical areas a, b, c of Mechanical Engineering.

State-of-the-art technical knowledge and skill training Internship and Fellowship opportunities Pathways to Doctoral Programs and leadership job opportunities in Materials Science and Engineering Graduates will have advanced knowledge and capability to solve problems related to the synthesis, characterization, design, and application of materials.

The graduate faculty in Electrical and Computer Engineering are very active in conducting cutting-edge research projects which provide both research experiences and financial supports for our graduate students. Our graduate programs stress both theoretical and practical aspects of Electrical and Computer Engineering by combining the teaching and research dsadline of the university community with the resources of other San Antonio research institutions.


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Nationally and internationally recognized faculty working on leading research projects funded by federal agencies, as well as industry, in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. The objective of the oral qualifying examination is twofold: About half of courses are taught in the afternoon 2 p.

A dissertation committee includes the PhD advisor as the chair of the committee and a minimum of four members.

utsa thesis deadline

The oral qualifying examinations are broadly announced and all faculty members are invited to attend, ask questions, and provide feedback. A non-thesis option is available for students who prefer a practice-oriented degree in engineering. The Department of Mechanical Engineering administers the written qualifying examination in the following four areas with the supporting courses:.

Interwoven in the two concentrations will be concepts of computational utwa that develops new materials with novel utss and responses for targeted applications. Parallel and distributed computing, routing in computer networks, network intrusion detection, computer architecture, ASICs, RISC processors, microprocessor based systems, VLSI design and testing, CAD tools, HDL modeling and FPGA implementation, computer graphics hardware and software parallelism, visualization techniques, information science, optimization and forecasting, digital systems, multimedia and network processors, low power VLSI systems, and reconfigurable computing.

In Advanced Thexis Engineering. Such applicants must have a GPA of 3. Each student will choose one of the concentrations according to materials classifications and applications tailored to his or her specialities:.

utsa thesis deadline

Utas, students will be educated in the fundamental areas of Environmental Science and Engineering. Admissions Requirements All graduate students must meet the university admission requirements as outlined in the graduate catalog. The dissertation proposal should: Funding Opportunities Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships are available on a competitive basis to full time students carrying out research.


utsa thesis deadline

The dissertation committee members are typically selected by the student in consultation with the PhD advisor and approved by the Graduate Advisor of Record and the Department Chair. Submission deadline for Fall terms is December The deadlie oral defense consists of a public presentation of the dissertation, followed by a closed session with the members of the dissertation committee.

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Normally, the written examination is taken by students who have completed the coursework listed under sections A and B of the curriculum in Table 1.

The three parts of the written exam are given on three different days.

It is expected that the material of the dissertation will be of archival quality and will be published in journals. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has state-of-the-art laboratories for each major technical area.

General Academic Regulationsand Chapter 5: Department of Energy U. Interdisciplinary curriculum taking courses from Materials Engineering, Management of Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Bio-Engineering, and other science and engineering disciplines across departmental boundaries. Admission Requirements and Deadlines Admissions Requirements and pre-requisites: The department has state-of-the-art laboratories for each major technical area.

A thesis option is offered for students who want the opportunity to obtain some expertise in research. Research Taking Place in the M.

Scholarly Works

The timing of the second examination is determined by the oral qualifying examination committee. Research Taking Place in the Ph. The research in our graduate programs at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering mainly focuses on five concentrations:.