All departments and programs have additional requirements for a high level of scholarly achievement that must be met by successful doctoral candidates. If the student has completed more than 12 semester hours of graduate courses in undergraduate status, only graduate courses completed within five years of enrollment in a graduate program at UT Arlington will become part of the graduate record and considered in computing the student’s grade-point average. For a new LaTeX template, please contact your department. Some departments do not permit students to enroll in graduate courses unless they have been admitted to a graduate program. The initial admission decision does not automatically apply when an applicant requests these types of changes to their application. Courses taken at UT Arlington and reserved for graduate credit may be applied to a master’s degree program only if a grade of A, B, C, or P was earned.

Students in any dual degree program must be admitted to each participating program. Denied Admission Admission is typically denied if an individual fails to meet more than one of the admission standards of the department to which he or she applied and the admission committee feels that there is insufficient basis to justify a probationary, provisional or deferred admission recommendation. It is available in some graduate programs to outstanding UT Arlington undergraduate students and admission to these programs is highly selective. Before submitting an application for admission, an applicant for special non-degree seeking student or graduate certificate should consult with the Graduate Advisor in the department or program in which the graduate course or graduate certificate is offered. Thesis Defense The thesis defense will be a public oral examination open to all members of the faculty.

Resident Alien applicant may complete the application dissertatjon. Applicants should examine departmental requirements with care. Total registration for all work may not exceed 15 semester hours in a term or 12 semester hours in the summer sessions.

Final Submission After the thesis has been through the required mechanical check process disaertation has been approved by the student’s committee and the Library, the final copy of the thesis must be submitted via the University’s electronic submission process. Acceptable transcripts, marksheets and diplomas from U.


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Time Limit Programs for the master’s degree must be completed within six years time in military service excluded from initial registration in a graduate degree program.

The thesis must be approved unanimously by the student’s thesis supervising committee and by the Academic Dean. The applicant will be sent an Admission Deferral Notice specifying the data that must be provided or the work that must be completed before the application will be reconsidered.

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Applicants qualifying for waiver of the GRE who do not qualify for facilitated admission, must comply with all other requirements for admission, i. Texas residents may seek to enter undergraduate programs at U. When a request is received, deadine appropriate non-refundable U. It is available in some graduate programs to outstanding UT Arlington undergraduate students and admission to these programs is highly selective.

uta dissertation deadline

Before being appointed to an assistantship at Deadlune Arlington, a student whose native language is not English dissertatiln demonstrate acceptable skill with spoken English. In the event that the thesis summary serves as the maturity test, the examiners of the thesis must provide their statement within three weeks of the thesis being submitted for assessment.

Courses taken at UT Arlington and reserved for graduate credit may be applied to a master’s degree program only if a grade of A, B, C, or P was earned. Admission conditions described in official notification letters are described in the following section.

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Degree Plans and Required Hours The doctoral degree cannot be earned solely by passing certain courses and accumulating a specified number of credit disseration however, a department or program may require a core group of courses for all of its doctoral students. This rule does not apply to an applicant who was admitted but did not enroll because of deployment as a member of the armed forces of the United States serving on active duty in a combative operation outside the United States.

All students must meet the UTA English language requirements before enrolling in academic courses.

A person holding a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U. Doctoral students who are required to register solely to satisfy the continuous enrollment requirement may register 3 credit hours dixsertation each term. Doctoral students will not be required to register for more than nine credit hours during any term with these exceptions: Similarly, students wishing to change degree level should submit the request after discussing the matter with the appropriate Graduate Advisor.


For doctoral level students, the grade-point calculation will include all graduate level courses taken subsequent to the bachelor’s and master’s degree at the institution from which the doctoral degree has been or will be awarded.

Students must be in good standing in both programs to continue in a dual degree program. Students who disswrtation not meet both of these conditions will be required to enroll in GESP courses. Departmental, Program and College Program Manuals for Students Many departments and programs issue program manuals, utq and policy manuals, graduate student handbooks, and other informational publications for students and faculty in graduate programs.

It is very important that applicants read this notice carefully because it describes any conditions cissertation restrictions placed on admission that must be addressed. Application for admission must be made on official application forms.

Graduation cerem ony The graduation ceremony will be held on Friday 14 December Thesis fees are explained in the Tuition and Fees section of the Catalog.

All requirements for the doctoral degree must be completed within four years dedaline the student unconditionally passes the comprehensive exam. Approved fast track programs may allow dual credit.

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In certain departments and programs, a student may follow a thesis substitute or non-thesis degree plan upon recommendation of the appropriate graduate advisor. All grades in courses taken as a special non-degree seeking student and graduate certificate status will be considered in computing a student’s graduate grade-point average.

uta dissertation deadline

Personal improvement individual or group music or art lessons and exercise and sports activities courses can not be used for the following: