The right, top, and bottom margins should be a recommended 1 inch; 0. It is strongly suggested that students review the Thesis Preparation Resources to ensure that their thesis meets formatting requirements before submission. The left margin should be a recommended 1. Students may initiate the process at any time, and have four 4 periods to be considered for degree conferral February, May, September, or November. The basic requirements for a doctoral student to be admitted to candidacy are all required coursework has been successfully completed; the comprehensive examination has been passed; and the supervisory committee has certified that the thesis proposal has been approved. It may incorporate work from submitted, accepted or published journal articles, which may or may not have co-authors. Final Thesis approved by Grad Studies Please note:

The following tips will help guide you in soliciting reference letters that stand out. Funding for the research was provided by a commercial company which has requested a delay in publication. Retroactive withdrawal requests will not be approved by the College of Graduate Studies unless the Graduate Program confirms in writing that the student did not attend or use any university resources as of the requested effective date of withdrawal. This form must be completed to request an extension to the time allowed for degree completion. When the College of Graduate Studies has reviewed and approved the thesis, the student will receive email notification. Recognize the supervision and advice given by your supervisor and committee members. If you wish to apply a Creative Commons License to your thesis, you may choose a Creative Commons License image instead of the copyright symbol.

This form should be used if you have agreed to evaluate an applicant for an Aboriginal Graduate Fellowship. Application Deadline — Nursing — September Admission.

This alerts reviewers to the request for publication delay. Accompanying Materials is the term given to materials okanagqn are part of the thesis but which are not included in the text e. Turnitin is a suite of tools for improving student writing that includes ways of checking the originality of the writing to prevent plagiarism and providing detailed instructor and peer feedback for each student.


It occurs when an individual submits or presents the oral or written work of another person as okanaban own. The style guide determines the format for the following: For coursework only-based students, the Final Degree Conferral Date Grades Entered Deadline is the last day for your final project coursework grade to be approved to be considered for the corresponding degree conferral period.

Changes cannot be made to the thesis after it has been approved.

Thesis and Dissertation Examination Forms. A list of any publications or submissions arising from thessi presented in the thesis including the title of the article and name of the publisher only if the article has been accepted or publishedand the chapter s of the dissertation in which the work is located.

Complete applications must be received by this date.

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You must include your name and email address in the body of the email. If the thesis continues to fail to meet UBC standards, the thesis will be returned to the student upon each subsequent submission and placed in the queue in the order of date received.

ubc okanagan thesis defence

If you do number the headings, the numbering must be sequential and accurate. Faculty and staff should complete this reference form if they have agreed to evaluate an applicant for a Finch Family Graduate Award. External Examiner Email Notification Request Example This is a sample email that the supervisor can use when initiating the request for invitation of an External Examiner.

The whole thesis, including the table of contents, must be in a single, page-wide column. Select the symbol, then click Insert. Recognize the supervision and advice given by your supervisor and committee members.


Time is required for completion and submission of a significant manuscript or patent application for a device or idea that might emerge from the thesis research.

The account of the research should be presented in a manner suitable for the field and include the following: The resources below are designed to help okanaban meet these specifications.

The department head should use this form to request permission from the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies for a graduate student to teach courses.

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Preparation of manuscripts, if any. You can use any font or language you wish for the dedication page. Please ensure your margins are consistent throughout the document. After reduction, all lettering must be large enough to fulfill the font size requirements, and must be clear and readable.

ubc okanagan thesis defence

Signatures are considered to be personal information, and must be removed from the final copy of the thesis. A doctoral dissertation must contain a substantial contribution of new knowledge to the field of study.

Overall analysis and integration of the research and conclusions of the thesis in light of current research in the field. Master of Fine Arts Students Only: Prior to the final defense, candidates must have fulfilled all coursework, examination and language requirements defnece the degree program.

Tables in Chapter 1: All other degree requirements must also have been completed. Please visit the Office of Research Services for more information regarding how to apply for approval.