They had no idea how imperialists worked and how they had always used the same ploy in every colony of the world including India where they had entered as traders of East India Company. So I think I’ll just give Stanley some job of exploration which would offend no one, and will give us the bases and headquarters which we can take over later on. Macmillan Publishing Company, King Leopold II of Belgium wanted a piece of land that he could call his own, to colonize and to rule as he pleased. Ivory, minerals, and other precious objects were acquired by forced labor.

Macmillan Publishing Company, Many people who worked in these plantations lost their arms, legs, and noses because most of the equipment used were unsafe. It informs the reader of the various crimes perpetuated by Leopold by referring to the African and European histories of the same period Hochschild. Best in the business since ! The Arab slave trade had its origins in the Portuguese slave trade in the 16th century. Leopold witnessed the progress Britain enjoyed after it acquired a significant number of colonial possessions.

Email Us Listen to our radio ad! At the beginning of the 18th century, Africa became a target of European imperialism.

Here, the various traditions and organizations of Africans appear as observed by the various settlers from Europe mentioned in the book. He II was the lropolds of the Congo Free State and during his time, more than half of the total population died because of the injustices caused by his government.

thesis king leopolds ghost

But on such occasions, some European officers were mistrustful. Second, King Leopold wanted to increase his property holdings.


Hochschild’s King Leopold’s Ghost Book Review

King Leopold believed that the future and prosperity of his country depended on acquisitions in Africa. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Likewise, Africans also show their opposite observations of Europeans.

If thesiis contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Click to learn more https: During this period, much of Africa was loepolds unknown to the Europeans. And he did all under the guise of humanitarian work: He ggost many Africans, in Congo, to work as slaves as he amassed resources from the colony, for personal gains. Belgium in its haste to rid itself of any debts that might arise from this venture allowed Leopold the sole “custody” of this colony and this is exactly what Leopold had always wanted.

The book succeeds is giving the reader a correct picture of Congo during the rule of Kind Leopold II.

thesis king leopolds ghost

Here, the reader learns of slave labor, which sets pace for the other atrocities exposed by Hochshchild Hochschild King Leopold II managed to put Congo under the colonial empire of Belgium through a process that was full of mischief and sleaze. However, King Leopold wanted Congo for the following reasons: We use leopoldx to give you the best experience possible. Forcing inhabitants to work for about 16 hours a day was excruciating for the Europeans.

The author only gives a single version of the whole story, emphasizing on the depiction of the need for righteous actions by focusing on Leopold. First, most of the accounts used were directly derived from personal accounts of former slaves, plantation workers, and prisoners.


From the official records, Leopold argued that the only barrier to prosperity leoplods central Gjost was the Arab slave trade — a phenomenon that must be stopped.

Hochschild’s King Leopold’s Ghost – Words | Book Review Example

A Critical Book Review. They believed that these were friendly agreements for trade cooperation and did not really understand what they said.

The book starts with a commerce scene that, except for the manner of trade, would pass as an otherwise ethical business. The standard proof was the right hand from a corpse. Instead of liberating the country from slave traders, Leopold turned it into a virtual slave land where each tribe was forced to work for Leopold under sub-human conditions. Ivory, minerals, and other precious objects were acquired by forced labor.

King Leopold’s Ghost: A Critical Book Review Essay

After sometime, he would change allies and play them against each other again. When Henry Stanley became governor of the Congo State, he instituted policies that further the suffering of the Congo people.

The king only possessed prejudicial qualities and never philanthropy — a very concept which he himself despised. The intensity of the criticisms forced King Leopold to sell the Congo state to Belgium. King Leopold’s Ghost is an amazing though disturbing account of one man’s ruthless ambition and carnage leo;olds resulted in mass murder, subjugation, horrifying cruelty and severe exploitation.