The time and energy that it takes to do a doctoral thesis is such that it is highly unlikely that a person will be able to finish unless she is deeply and personally committed to the work. First, the formality of the argument pattern, as depicted in the diagram, allows a visual representation of the logical relationship of a set of concepts with regard to what an argument is. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the inner workings of machines of all sorts, and as a child I took great delight in taking things apart and showing other kids how they worked. Is it easy to understand? It was not prac- ticable, within the limits of the study, to observe the curriculum prac- tices of all sixteen interviewees. But it is not a research problem. There is a difference between a statement of what the research will do and the problem that it addresses.

However, the majority of the research has been conducted with groups of ran- domly selected children using quantitative methodology from which generalizations about reading acquisition have been made. After all, the proposal is a document aimed at convincing a supervisor and committee that the topic is worth researching and the candidate has the wherewithal to carry it out. Early drafts of proposals are frequently too vague on these points; potential committee members recognize that not everything can be precise at the proposal stage of a qualitative inquiry, but they are looking for evidence that the author has thought through these issues and recognizes their signif- icance to the overall quality of the work. That is, in what context of professional practice would it be useful or helpful and why and to whom? During the development of her proposal, I sent her the following e-mail. And, not surprisingly, there are exceptions to how well the parts are developed in any given proposal. One of the most difficult things to do in a proposal and dissertation is to keep the big picture in view while examining the details.

What is the nature of the collaborative reflective practice? The reader is told why there will be a brief diversion to avoid confusion. At this point, my response to your message has more to do with me trying to make myself as clear as possible than it does with the state of your proposal. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email dissetation a reset link. Fields where quantitative, empirical inquiry has been the dominant approach may require a fairly lengthy justification for a kilbkurn approach to the problem, whereas proposals in fields that have embraced qualitative inquiry may have only a few lines or no explicit justification for the ap- proach at all.


Metawriting can be overdone, of course, but if used judiciously, it can help an author master the writing rather than be subservient to it. That was the moment when I came to make my research explicit in my own mind. Nursing in Ontario is currently facing a number of challenges.

Suffice it to say that the narrowing of a problem and the honing of specific questions are critical in a proposal. Here is a short list: At the level of base practicality, a dissertation proposal should be as user- friendly as possible.

the qualitative doctoral dissertation proposal brent kilbourn

The identification of specific causal linkages that were not identified by experimental methods, and the development of new theories about causes and other influences on the patterns that are identified in survey data or experiments. The current concern about private funding to universities say, the support of scientific research by drug companies is a concern based in the realization that the strings of funding can fetter the expression of academic freedom and evidential argument in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Is the perspective or theoretical framework from which the data will be collected and analyzed clear and reasonable? The second part examines research suggesting a connection between reflective practice and teacher growth with respect to content knowledge. The terms research and inquiry are used interchangeably in the discussion. The first area concerns developing and narrowing the problem.

The proposed study emerges from a noticeable lack of detail in the literature concerning the beliefs, practices and concerns of secondary school mathematics teachers as they endeavour to change their assessment practices to align with current forms of mathematics instructional methodology.

How do the teachers and myself view the collaborative reflective practice? Doctoral students frequently misjudge how much help a reader may need to absorb the intended meaning of the text of a proposal.

the qualitative doctoral dissertation proposal brent kilbourn

The Uses of Argument Stephen Toulmin bfent A third area concerns integrity—mak- ing sure that the document is internally consistent with respect to form and meaning, that it be seen as a whole, and that none of its parts lie outside its central focus. In the following quote from her proposal, notice how she articulates the problem and justifies it with reference to the research literature. As for evidence, one community of scholars might not agree with the warrants and backing or the data routinely used by another community of scholars, which is one of the reasons that qualitative inquiry had difficulty in gaining a toe-hold within the educational research community, as pointed out by Roberts In any event, the proposal should indicate what type of search has been done ERIC, the Internet, and so on and what descriptors were used.


The Qualitative Doctoral Dissertation Proposal.

In my own department, although there are forms signed stating that the com- mittee has been struck and the topic registered and, presumably, the proposal has been acceptedproposwl is no requirement that the proposal have any particular editorial form, be bound, or be kept in a publicly accessible place as opposed to the dissertation.

A doctoeal is desperate to know what the problem is as soon as possible so that the rest of the proposal can be read with that problem statement in mind.

There I sit, holding a thingamajig quapitative my hand, staring at it pensively. Malay-Chinese interethnic communication in Malaysia: Being aware of my subjective self means being aware of the qualities that will enhance my research as well as the beliefs I have about mathematics education that could skew my interpretation of the data if I were not aware of them.

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I prefer a title page that includes the title, author, institution, date, number of the draft, and a table of contents. But, more important, the conceptual and methodological parts of the proposal need to make sense in relation to one another, and the writing must be done in such a way as to make that clear.

In the other, you are researching yourself and your context. You tentatively frame a problem statement, as you have done. However, present plans are based on ill prkposal conceptions of the dynamics of how quailtative work and the existing literature either does not address or inadequately addresses key issues that are in need of deeper understanding so that funding agencies can be better advised. Typical parts of a proposal are discussed—problem, significance, literature review, theoretical perspective, questions, methods, and ethics—and reasons are given for the role that each part plays in the development of a dissertation.