The Synthesis Thaxtomin phytotoxins, first reported in , are cyclic dipeptides 2, 5-diketopiperazines formed from the condensation of 4-nitrotrytophan and phenylalanine groups. Substituted benzoic and picolinic acids as foliar sprays against potato common scab. Effects of foliar sprays of daminozide on the incidence of potato common scab. Isolated fifteen fungal species from potato field soil which found to have antagonistic activity against three well-known potato scab pathogen, S. American Phytopathological Society Press. The pathogen primarily invades lenticels, but will take advantage of any open wound on the surface of the potato tuber.

Continuous discoveries of novel Streptomyces species were reported by many investigators worldwide. Role of antibiotics produced by Chaetomium globosum in biocontrol of Pythium ultimum, a causal agent of damping-off. The research on biological control agents against plant pathogens are increasingly interested among scientists in recent years. If potato tubers are heavily infected, scab lesions may cover most of the tuber surface Fiers et al. Nitric oxide synthase NOS have been intensively studied due to the role of nitric oxide NO as multifunctional chemical in humans Alderton et al. Effect of Glucose on Thaxtomin-A production and growth of S.

Trends in Biotechnology 21 9: Thaxtomin induces plant cell hypertrophy in expanding plant tissue Fry and Lori, and Scheible stgeptomyces al. The John Innes Foundation; L-tyrosine red coloration resulting from dopachrome formation was observed and read spectrophotometrically at nm UV, Shimadzu. Streptomyces albus Rossi Doria Waksman et Henrici: Descriptions of russet and netted scab symptoms and the Streptomyces strains associated with these diseases suggest a varied etiology. Colonies checked for purity by repeated sub-culturing and the pure colonies preserved on agar slant of starch-nitrate medium.


Antagonistic activity assay using agar diffusion method 49 2.

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At least eleven Streptomyces spp. Induction of cell hypertrophy leads to cell collapse and eventually cell death, thus enabling the pathogen to absorb nutrients from the infected host. Journal of Potato Association Another possibility is the appearance of new scab-causing species or strains better adapted to streptomycee conditions or potato cultivars, or that have acquired different virulence characteristics.

Different methods may be used to prevent, mitigate or control plant diseases Chandler et al. D-glucose, sucrose, D-fructose, raffinose, D-mannitol, cellulose, maltose, melibiose and lactose having concentration of 10x was prepared in autoclaved water and sterilized by filtering through 0. The utilization aid for species determination. Common scab and its control in seed-potato crops.

Highly virulent strains of S. The molecular structural configuration of thaxtomin-A was elucidated as follows: However, thesls scab lesions are not regular in their pattern and are not associated with root necrosis.

The effect of pH on growth and pathogenicity of isolates 5 and 6 revealed that they are similar to each other and to the standard S. Biology and control of soil-borne plant pathogens.


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Thaxtomin A is a yellow compound composed of 4-nitroindolyl-containing 2,5-dioxopiperazine. Characterization of streptomycetes causing russet scab in Quebec.

The genetic variation among thirteen Streptomyces scabies isolates which differed in their sources and regions of isolation, and their pathogenic abilities were evaluated using Rapid- PCR technique with three primers. The effect of pH on growth and pathogenicity of isolates 5 and 6 revealed that they are similar to each other and to the standard S.

Control tubes without allantoin also inoculated.

streptomyces scabies thesis

Suppressive effect of Geranium pratense L. These isolates were morphologicaly similar to S.

Six compounds were used to detoxify S. A-Erumpent Potato Scab Disease This type of disease is characterized by round to star-shaped, clearly defined corky lesions called pitted scab, raised or erumpent scab and shallow scab Takeuchi et al.

Analysis of the Streptomyces scabies genome sequence resulted in the identification of gene clusters predicted to direct the biosynthesis of known siderophores, e. Thaxtomin phytotoxin has also been established that at least six wtreptomyces Streptomyces species: Novel approaches to control of potato scab.

streptomyces scabies thesis

Bayman P, Radkar G V. Evolution of plant pathogenicity in Streptomyces.