Library and Information Services. They should only submit one of these applications; Oberlin does not require multiple applications and no preference is given to any application type. That will allow it to develop long-term strategies like broadening its appeal to college-bound students, raising money through a new comprehensive campaign, offering early retirement plans and placing stricter conditions on funding for large capital projects. I interviewed near my house with an awesome alum, who made me more aware of how Oberlin fit me. Merit-based scholarships offered Level 2 Graduation Year

What additional information can you provide to potential students considering attending your school? In addition, the lack of core ‘classes’ per se, instead having distribution requirements, allows for students to become the well rounded indivuals as per the liberal arts model, without forcing them to take any classes but the ones that they are interested in taking. Museums and Cultural Centers. What is your post-graduate desired industry? The Princeton Review is not affiliated with Princeton University. Study groups, peer editors, and student tutors are the norm. That being said, they do not compete with one another.

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Addressed to Board of Trustees Chair Canavan, it obwrlin that the current pay freeze runs counter to moves Oberlin has made in recent years to raise compensation.

Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care. You have to submit a common application with an Oberlin supplement. Optional essays for either are not required. The college is actively addressing sustainability issues on campus by conducting question greenhouse gas inventories, developing energy efficiency projects, and working to integrate sustainability into the curriculum and all operations.


Academics There are no core classes, but there are general graduation requirements.

Oberlin president says no to black students’ demands | PBS NewsHour

All of the other arts—performing, studio, whatever—are intertwined with the talent in the conservatory. Questioms Krislov departed the Oberlin presidency this summer after a decade in the job and became president of Pace University.

Academics The term ‘exceptional’ is probably the best word for the academics at Oberlin. In addition, students will be required to submit an Oberlin Supplement before their application is complete.

While the academic rigor of Oberlin is certainly present, competitiveness is virtually non-existent.

oberlin conservatory essay questions

Advice for students so they don’t sound silly in emails essay. We’ve sent an email with instructions to create a new password.

Oberlin president says no to black students’ demands

Receive targeted job alerts. Contact information for that office is below: We also have colleges that have conscientiously shrunk.

To many liberal arts college leaders, an endowment of that size would be a dream. Creator of Broadway’s The Conservaotry King. Admissions Early decision was available, I think – they did the common application and had a question “Why Oberlin?

Excerpt from Colleges That Create Futures.

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Our new science center new consrvatory has more lab space than classrooms, all with the hope that students will get into the lab as soon as possible. I chose not to but Early Action was available. What I was initially impressed with was how many ways there were to get to know the school: Our conservatory is also an All-Steinway school the largest concentration of Steinways in the world outside of the Steinway factory and we recently opened the Kohl Jazz Building, the foremost undergraduate Jazz teaching facility in the world.


A smaller-than-expected freshman class is continuing to cause budget issues at the Ohio institution. This year has been the most influential in my life so far and I owe it to Oberlin.

Oberlin is a hard school Casinos and Casino Hotels. The food is pretty good: You may also be interested in Listen to our new podcast, ‘The Last Continent’. Museums and Cultural Centers.

oberlin conservatory essay questions

The cknservatory for your major generally take up about a third of your courses. Environmental Science and Conservation. I auditioned for the Conservatory as well on two instruments.