Read these excellent case study notes. About , people who evacuated from the lowlands surrounding Pinatubo before and during the eruptions have returned home but face continuing threats from lahars that have already buried numerous towns and villages. Ancient Pinatubo had a number of flank vents that formed the domes of Mount Negron, Mount Cuadrado, Mataba, Bituin plug, and the volcanic plug of Tapungho. The United States experienced its third coldest and third wettest summer in 77 years during You are commenting using your WordPress. It is reported that before the eruption, the Pinatubo volcano was actually 1,m high.

It is one of the biggest volcanoes in the Philippines and was about ten times larger than the eruption of Mount St. This damaged all the seven seismic stations. This was a massive relief for the team, but this first initial eruption was only the warm up, and the big boy was yet to come. Most of them had to wait in resettlement camps for a while until they return home. In March and April , magma started rising towards the surface from more than 20 miles beneath Pinatubo. The maximum reduction in global temperature occurred in August with a reduction of 0. This team had a huge weight to bear on their shoulders in terms of correctly forecasting the eruption.

The following year 3, homes were destroyed.

In March and Aprilmagma started rising towards the surface from more than 20 miles beneath Pinatubo. Also, prior to the eruption, the volcano was covered in tropical vegetation and was home to over 30, people living on its slopes and surrounding punatubo. Dams were built to gcsr the destructive lahars that followed the eruption, and recovery costs totalled billions of Philippine pesos. This website is designed to help students with their studies or simply to educate the interested reader about Geography.

Remnants of this predecessor are seen in the ancient caldera. This volcano has experienced major eruptions approximately, and years before present B.


Mount Pinatubo – the impacts of

But it is still difficult to predict eruption timing and scale. The ash also damaged many land uses such as farming. The extrusion of a lava dome on June 7 led to the issuance of a Level 5 alert on June 9, indicating an eruption in progress. Back to Main Page. Global cooling caused by ash in the atmosphere of 0. It is also nested in the central part of the Zambales Mountain Range, which lies approximately 55 miles North West of the capital city Manilla in a complex of lava domes.

Only a few hundred people died in the initial eruption. Houses mmt bridges destroyed and needed replacing and Manila airport had to be closed.

Case Study 4 – Composite Volcano – Mount Pinatubo – Netherhall School GCSE Geography Case Studies

It is thought that the volcano lies slightly offset from the plate boundary, as, when the oceanic plate is subducted it is melted and forced away as molten magma by the high pressures exerted on it. This team contained Rick Hoblitt and Dave Harlow.

mt pinatubo case study gcse

At least 20, were estimated to have ppinatubo saved from the eruption, largely due to aggressive monitoring and public information campaigns. Over the next 3 days, there were more vertical eruptions and 13 smaller eruptions that produced pyroclastic flows molten mixtures of ash, gas and rock that can sweep over the landscape at more than 60 miles per hour.

Powerful volcanic eruptions

Gxse site on Mount Pinatubo – look at pages 2 and 3. Prior toPinatubo was a relatively unknown volcano, yet the Pinatubo eruption on June 15 th was the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20 th Century-second in pinattubo only to the Katmai eruption in Alaska. The caldera reduced the peak from meters to meters. On June 5, a Level 3 alert was issued for two weeks due to the possibility of a major eruption.


Blanket of ash at least ztudy half-inch 1 centimeter thick coated 4, square miles 7, square km of the island of Luzon. All of these massive impacts caused the team to completely evacuate the Clark Air Base. Warning sign like gas and steam looked for. Heavy rainfall from Typhoon Yunga causes buildings to collapse.

mt pinatubo case study gcse

Evacuation camps and Government shelters were built for those displaced. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Pinatubo is a volcano located on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, located along the plate boundary between the Eurasian and Philippine Plates.

The first sign of an active volcano brewing occurred on June 16 thwhen a magnitude 7. Commercial aircraft were warned about the hazard of the ash cloud from the June 15 eruption, and most avoided it. The aerosol cloud spread around the earth in two weeks and covered the planet within a year.

Mount pinatubo

The Volcano pinatuboo slightly offset from the plate boundary as, when the Oceanic plate is subducted it is melted and forced away as molten magma by the high pressures exerted on it.

After observation of the surrounding area, the team noticed heavily eroded ash and rock deposits that had extended from the volcano for miles on all sides, which was an indication that previous volcanic eruptions were large, which could mean a similar fate for the eruption brewing in Pinatubo. Casw about the Philippines: Thousands of roofs collapsed under the weight of ash made wet by heavy rains.