Thank goodness there are people like you! Dear Chaouali Salma, Thank you for your question. What should I do but I have one recommendation letter from my Professor but It is from 3 years old. Hi Travis, thank you for this valuable guide. Notice how I make use of headers again and how the first sections Context, Issue, Research Questions are actually the same as in the proposal Research Questions, Context, Problems in a different order. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Note that the deadline is for the documents to ARRIVE at the embassy; they don’t generally care when it was postmarked.

Hi Sena, I have never heard of those documents being part of the MEXT scholarship application, so it must be something that particular university is asking for for their own admissions. The purpose of this section is to argue how and in what ways you believe your research will refine, revise, or extend existing knowledge in the subject area under investigation. I was a bit worried about this but it ended up not being a problem at all. Most of the people who got the scholarship at my embassy UK could not speak a word of Japanese. Hi, thanks for your comment and sorry for the delayed reply.

mext scholarship research proposal sample

Some useful discussion on this reddit thread: I do not think you need to state that you would be preparing for the entrance exam. Even if you have never written a graduation thesis in the past, you can still write about whatever the specific focus of your pdoposal major was for this pfoposal.

Skip to content This page contains the research proposal I submitted with my Monbusho Research Scholarship application. However, if you are applying through a “special” university-recommended program like the International Graduate Program, rules may be different.


The month course will NOT be enough to make you fluent or even at a high level. Ads help cover site maintenance costs. You are great man, If I get the Scholarship I promise I will share my experience like you to help others! Note that the deadline is for the documents to ARRIVE at the embassy; they don’t generally care when it was postmarked.

It is no problem well as long as there is professor willing to take you. G 27 May at The link on this article was to download a sample MEXT application form.

MEXT Scholarship Field of Study and Research Program Plan Elements

For people who have never done a research project or made a research proposal before, it may seems little weird and complicated at the very first stage. How to do it. Thanks for your help! If you were writing this proposal again, is there anything you would do differently?

I assume that during the course of the degree, you will have some flexibility as to choosing what courses to take as well as what particular industry or case studies you want to focus on, so even if you are not writing a thesis or completing a culminating project, I would recommend that you write this document about what you will focus your individual research on throughout the course of your classes.

Hi Aishwarya, Yes, I would recommend including those six months in your timeline, but understand that you will primarily be focused on learning Japanese language at that time, so your free time for research will be limited.

mext scholarship research proposal sample

Your topic does not have to be an exact extension of your undergrad final paper, it just has to be close enough that you can show that you have the necessary background in the academic field to resfarch able to conduct advanced research. Detailed explanations of the steps you will go through in your research program 2 years for Masters, 3 for PhD.


Topic 5. How to write good Research Proposal – Mextipedia

X c qwkB o Jd m qifU. They may talk to you a little in Japanese if they know you can speak some. First, notice the formatting of the document.

Hi Najmus Saqib, You need to find a research question that you want to pursue and then format your proposal as I outlined in this article.

My name is Liza.

I have a B- and I am very worried. This is internet bullshit advise.

mext scholarship research proposal sample

Thanks again Like Like. It’s not structured as clearly, doesn’t say HOW the study is going to be carried out, and doesn’t specify why the study has to be done in Japan perhaps not as necessary for uni recommendation? You will normally have to send all of these to Japan via airmail. You need a recommendation letter: Thanks for taking your time to read this and help us all! Your spongebob proposall made me laugh very hard as I had exactly the same discussion in Tokyo before. Hi David, I would recommend that you find some additional sources — not only for the sake of the application process but also to broaden your knowledge in the field.

Two documents are required: Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.