High temperature physics and nanofriction properties of alkali halide surfaces. Competing interactions in correlated heterostructures. Improving molecular-dynamics simulations of simple ionic systems. Strongly disordered systems from polymer statistics to phase transitions. Non-Fermi liquid behavior in multi-orbital Anderson impurity models and possible relevance for strongly correlated lattice models. Quantum Monte Carlo studies of soft bosonic systems and minimum energy pathways. River networks dynamics, branching patterns and aggregation phenomena.

U1 is the value obtained for Fe1 ions, U2 the one for Fe2. Figure 15 Color online The unit cell of fayalite. Adiabatic dynamics of many-body systems close to a quantum critical point. Phonon softening and high-pressure low-simmetry phases of cesium halides from first-principles techniques. From self organized criticality to patters formation. New QMC approaches for the simulation of electronic systems:

Stella Amos Maritan Rare events dominance in non equilibrium critical phenomena: Role of frustration in quantum spin chains and ladders: Non-equilibrium aspects of topological Floquet quantum systems.

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Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of two dimensional 3He: Levi Erio Tosatti New theoretical results and simulations of surface melting Enrico Smargiassi Roberto Car Lattice vacancies and diffusion processes in crystalline silicon: Density-functional theory without orbitals: Kondo conductance anomalies from first principles. The Gutzwiller Approach to out-of-equilibrium correlated fermions.


matteo cococcioni thesis

Concentration fluctuations in liquid metal alloys. Modeling CO adsorption on Pt and Au tthesis chains and nanocontacts. Stella Cococvioni self organized criticality to patters formation. Auxiliary field quantum Monte Carlo for systems with repusive interactions. Ab initio calculation of structural and electronic properties of alfa-Ga surfaces.

High temperature physics and nanofriction properties of alkali halide surfaces. A Variational Monte Carlo Perspective. Modelling structure, phase transition, and vibrational spectroscopy of silica at extreme conditions.

Electronic properties of the compound with AlB2 structure.

matteo cococcioni thesis

Diffusion approach to non-equilibrium extremal dynamics. Low temperature methane-to-methanol conversion on transition metal surfaces.

The zero of the energy is set to the top of the valence band. Quantum mechanical modeling of nano magnetism: Electronic properties driven by strong correlation. Lines connect results from the cell-extrapolation procedure described in the text and different symbols correspond to inclusion of screening contributions up to the indicated shell of neighbors of the perturbed atom.


matteo cococcioni thesis

Efficient calculation of RPA correlation energy in the adiabatic connection fluctuation-dissipation theory. A first principles study of the thermal expansion in some metallic surfaces. Periodic driving of a coherent matteoo many body system and relaxation to the Floquet diagonal ensemble. Unconventional phases in doped or frustrated quantum antiferromagnets: Studies of Classical and Quantum Annealing.

Surfaces, impurities, and enzymatic catalysis.

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Sign up to receive regular email alerts from Physical Review B. U1 is the value obtained for Fe1 ions, U2 the one for Fe2.

Rare events cocoxcioni in non equilibrium critical phenomena: Ab-initio study on synthesis of new materials at high pressure transition-metal nitrides and non-molecular CO2 phases.

Transient dynamics of unconventional superconductors: Complete degeneracy among spin up and spin down states is present. Ab initio molecular dynamics of water by quantum Monte Carlo.