The paper used in wrapping the cartridges was of a different colour, arousing suspicions. Of course, it was a big history lesson form me though the producers warn you that some of this is fictionalized , but I have a better understanding of the Indian culture now. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. A great actor for his generation who is going to continue to bring Indian cinema not bollywood masala flicks to the international audience Rather they are very aptly used in the movie. The Indian troops in some regiments were of the opinion that this was an intentional act of the British, with the aim of defiling their religions. It is a great credit to the filmmakers that the British have not been demonised.

The 19th and 34th Bengal Native Infantry were stationed at Lucknow during the time of the annexation of Oudh in because of alleged misgovernment by the Nawab. As an example, the BJP spokesman stated that the film shows Mangal Pandey visiting the house of a prostitute. I’m a big De Niro and Pacino fan but this Indian person logged on to check on his name is a magnificent actor! He collapsed on the ground and lost consciousness; only after which the British could catch him. When asked whether he had been under the influence of any substances, he stated steadfastly that he had mutinied on his own accord and that no other person had played any part in encouraging him. History at your fingertips.

mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

Contact our editors with your feedback. I believe this is because of two reasons–one is that Ketan has mangao theatre background and this is a part of folk theatre -to use music and dance to convey messages.

This movie is a must watch. I watched this film yesterday. The story, and the feel of the characters start to get into your mind, and then all of a sudden comes a song and takes you right back into reality.


It deserves to be India’s entry for the Oscars. While fighting in Afghanistan, Pandey saves Gordon’s life by dragging him to safety when the two were targeted by Afghan snipers.

He was sentenced to death by hangingalong with Jemadar Ishwari Prasad, after three Sikh members of the quarter-guard testified that the latter had ordered them not to arrest Pandey. The paper used in wrapping the cartridges was of a different colour, arousing suspicions.

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Some contemporary reports suggested that he was under the influence of drugs—possibly cannabis or opium —and was not fully aware of his actions. For, the blood of dauntless Gujjarati is boiling with indignation!

mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

Toby Stevens plays the lead’s friend and a captain in the British forces. When me and my girlfriend drove up to the cinema, we saw many other latino’s like us who ended up there for the same reason. Taking in the scene, he rode up to the guard, drew his pistol and ordered them manal do their duty by seizing Mangal Pandey. Start Your Free Trial Today. Some time later, Nainsukh takes Pandey and some other sepoys to see the factory, owned by Mr.

I have always considered Mehta to be a really gifted director, right from his first critical success with Bhavni Bhavai. All in all, a worthwhile movie. Baugh quickly disentangled himself and, seizing one of his pistols, advanced towards Pandey and fired.

The day was Sunday, 29 th March The art direction, the editing, the choreography is topnotch. Pandey recovered and was brought to trial less than a week later.

The company then introduces a new weapon for its troops: A purist on the matter of history myself, I am surprised by the vehemence of the historical community’s attack on the film.


Another thing which i didn’t like about the movie was all the unnecessary skin showing!!!

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Are we compelled to bring in romantic songs and dance numbers in a movie which depicts revolution? It was on this day that you raised a new flag to be upheld, you uttered a mission to be fulfilled, you saw a vision to be realized, you proclaimed a nation to be born! But that way of thinking is a get-out. Is it easier, then,for the youth of modern India to connect with MTV and reality shows jn no content?

Lalitpurcity, southwestern Uttar Pradesh state, northern India.

Mangal Pandey: Spearheading the ‘Indian Mutiny of 1857’

What is the definition of a good movie? The point where Mangal Pandey is facing hundreds of British soldiers, fearlessly, makes the movie worth watching!!!! They then threatened Shaikh Paltu and ordered him to release Pandey, whom he had been vainly trying to hold back. The men gumarati the quarter-guard fell in and followed Hearsey towards Pandey.

Please, enough is enough, at least Bollywood is good for entertainment, now don’t play with the sentiments of Indian Revolution.

Other themes include his friendship with the same British officer, the officer’s rescue and subsequent romantic relationship with a sati – a widow expected to burn herself on her husband’s funeral pyre,and a prostitute who exclusively services the English brothels but falls for Pandey.

mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

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