Sharing Materials Authors of papers published in the Journal are expected to honor reasonable requests from qualified researchers to share biological materials that were used in the reported study. If you use EndNote or Reference Manager to facilitate referencing citations, this journal’s style is available for use. The study design eg, systematic review, meta-analysis should be included in the title. The Methods section should contain a “Statistical Analysis” subsection, where applicable. Indeed, I have gone in the Methods section to exceptional lengths to describe our methods in precise detail in the sincere hope that many other laboratories will be able to confirm our findings and build upon them to improve cancer research and treatment.

When a pedigree or family tree is depicted, assurance must be given that written informed consent was obtained from each living individual represented. The journal published the retraction , and a letter that contained the re-analysis that led to it , on January Sex-based heterogeneity in response to lung cancer immunotherapy: An exception to these limitations will be allowed when clinical trials are reported. Invasive group A streptococcal disease in children and association with varicella-zoster virus infection. Confidence intervals CIs should be formatted as X to Y.

Immunotherapy for Colorectal Cancer: Most users should sign in with their email address. An abstract should clearly state unique elements of the work, should be readable by nonspecialists as well as by experts in the particular field, and should concisely state all important findings of the study.

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This erroneous conclusion is entirely based on a meta-analysis by the Advanced Ovarian Trialists Group in which the published findings were misleadingly obfuscated. Littman ; Edward J.

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Cell Lines Authors of provisionally accepted manuscripts that use cell lines should state the methods used to authenticate any cell lines used in their studies and should give the date of the last authentication.


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The study in JNCIfor example, reported the finding jnvi a genetically modified bacterium that showed promise for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, a particularly lethal malignancy, and other tumor types. Implications for Clinical Care, Research and Policy.

Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology Subcategory: See “Figures and Tables.

jnci cover letter

As part of its review, the investigation committee looked into this possibility and confirmed that no research misconduct could be attributed to Dr. The Methods section must be complete and should include the methodology corresponding to each of the end points presented in the Results. LoCascio ; Michael J.

Please follow the instructions on this page regarding purchasing, downloading, and using the software. Any study involving experiments with animals must state that their care was in accord with institution guidelines. Title Letrer The title should be brief 14 words or fewer and, except for Editorials and Correspondence, should not be in sentence form. Continue reading Former Mount Sinai postdoc faked gene therapy data: Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Front Matter Table of Contents.

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Article PDF first page preview. A P value or confidence interval should be cited in the abstract and in the text for any statistically significant finding reported; wherever possible, exact P values should be given. Cooperband ; Jon A. Williams ; Richard S. Discussions of appropriate data analyses or of thematic issues to emerge from recent scientific meetings are examples of suitable subject areas.

I am certain that I succeeded, using the methodology described in the enclosed paper. For clinical trials, authors should clearly define and explain the purpose of the study, study design, numbers of patients, clinical staging of disease, type and sequence of treatments given before and during the study, time points for evaluation of response, duration of follow-up, end points used eg, overall survival, disease-free survivalspecific outcomes assessed, and methods of assessment.


Please use the journal homepage link to verify all information prior to submission. For material that can be scanned at the Journal office and uploaded on the author’s behalf, please provide two copies.

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Complete jnnci should be given if the letter cites the work of others; lettet the letter comments on an item published in the Journal, that item must be included in the numbered reference list. Authors of provisionally accepted manuscripts that use cell lines should state the methods used to authenticate any cell lines used in their studies and should give the date of the last authentication. Implications for Clinical Care, Research and Policy.

jnci cover letter

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Identify in each legend any symbols or letters in the figure and define all abbreviations.

Systematic Reviews with or without Meta-analysis and Meta-analyses Articles using these study designs should be formatted like Articles see above and should contain or fewer words including the Methods section, but not counting abstract, reference list, tables, footnotes, and figure legends. Consent and Approval Manuscripts reporting on biomedical studies involving human subjects must include explicit assurance that written informed consent was obtained from each subject or from his or her guardian.