These essays are scathing and incredibly thought-provoking about the past and present of Antigua’s relationship with the English and white North Americans. This is the 3rd Kincaid book I’ve read and she’s always been a favorite. Sorry, but only registered users have full access. So how do I rate it. As a visitor, you travel to a beautiful place. While Kincaid expresses anger towards slavery, colonialism and the broken Antiguan identity that it has left in its wake, she avoids retreating to simple racialization in order to explain the past and present, for doing so would further “other” an already marginalized group of people.

Do you, however look beneath the surface? I plan on reading more books like this, too, to gain more knowledge and outlook. Four short autobiographical essays, anti-travel, Jamaica Kincaid at her most provocative. A link to Wikipedia article about Antigua: Jamaica Kincaid is an award winning author and essayist. Like me, she has good reasons to scream in rage.

I highly recommend it.

Each page is one brutal indictment after another. Every native everywhere lives a life of overwhelming and crushing banality and boredom and desperation and depression, and every deed, good and bad, is an attempt to forget this.

A Small Place

The words and ‘tone’ of A Small Place probably wouldn’t hurt the kindaids of Americans with superiority complexes so much if they would simply look upon Caribbeans as people and not as exotic oddities. If this library does exists i hope she put some of that vacation home money towards it.

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

While the passion is surely genuine and understandably justified, it is not good reading. The new Antigua, self-ruled, run by corrupt yet elected rulers, all of whom have had US green cards and most with Swiss bank accounts, each foreign investment has a suspect story attached to it.


She gives many unconscious examples throughout her book that show us how she has had her life impacted. I felt unc Jamaica Kincaid’s work may be a small book about a small place, but it is a very big book. Reading both of these books one after the other–they’re a strange pair. This charged essay is clearly and concisely presents its case and shows how terrible colonialism is, and how after all these years Antigua is still suffering from the after effects – post-colonialism, essentially.

A Caribbean Journal of Criticism We are only what you made us. It would be difficult, I’m sure, to read Kincaid’s work if you were one of these people, but it is necessary in order to keep from forming such quick judgments.

A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid – words | Study Guides and Book Summaries

They do not like me! When I reached halfway through the book, I began to wonder if this book was banned at some point.

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

Her essay summed up in th Four short autobiographical essays, anti-travel, Jamaica Kincaid at her most provocative. A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid. Kincaid, eloquent and resolute, reminds us that the Antiguan people, formerly British subjects, are essay to escape the same drawbacks of their own tiny realm—that behind the benevolent Caribbean scenery are human lives, always complex and often fraught with injustice.

What is she doing about the problems in her beautiful homeland?


University of South Carolina Press. It is my main reason for attending sports events.

A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid

I don’t know much about Antigua myself, and I learned a lot when reading this one. I wasn’t particularly impressed by this shoddily-written rant which seems like a long-winded editorial written by someone who doesn’t seem to eessay the complexities of the situation of a place like Antigua and only sees in black and white.

Kincaid writes with exquisite, measured fury. Many Westerners find this a powerful piece, but according to many Antiguans, Kincaid is not the person to make these criticisms.

Book recs on this would be amazing, friends. Views Read Edit View history. There is nothing particularly new here if you are interested in postcolonial literature — this was written 30 years ago — but I enjoyed the narrative technique employed by Kincaid. It burned her soul.

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

The rant, expresses the anger of those who lost their society and culture. Trivia About A Small Place. Britain And The Americas: The main reason Kincaid cites for this schism is that Antigua is largely a country of descendants of slaves, yet has been under British rule and government since the time of the Empire. I want to understand the politics, too, kincaidds what Western systems, ideas, and governments have truly done with island life.