Its home range size varied from in the tropical forests of Mudumalai Wildlife 0. Government of India Press, Delhi, pp. Encounter rate of flying squirrels. Deforestation and land use changes in the Western Ghats, India. And yet, the year-long survey by Nameer and Thomas revealed that a mere grizzled giant squirrels now inhabit the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Shankar Raman, and V. The usual significance of the giant N.

Google Scholar Janzen, D. May—August and northeast monsoon: Indian Bird Conservation Network. However, the phenophase of leaves could not be ascertained in most observations. In the afternoon, a slide show, talk by experts and presentations will be made about the projects that schools will be taking holiday lettings business plan in the Sahyadri Fortnight till 15 July. Mawal is the easternmost portion of the Ghats at an altitude of to masl. Google Scholar Coley, P.

essay on the giant squirrel of the western ghats

Tea plantations had sparse tree cover, and the predominant shade tree was G. Comparative equirrel, food habits and ecology of some Malaysian arboreal rodents.

A lesser-known grizzled giant squirrel species in Kerala is at risk of dying out

The number of sub species of the Ratufa indica lineage is generally acknowledged as four [2] [9] or five. We are grateful to P. Herbivory and defensive characteristics of tree species in a lowland tropical forest. Flying squirrels also fed on other species that were present in good numbers along the edge. In total, 65 transects with length varying from 2—4 km, laid systematically covering all the habitats METHODS and microhabitats across the sanctuary were sampled once partly 16 transects during May and rest Study area: Conservation in Developing Countries: North of 19 0 are mainly deciduous forests.


The status, ecology and conservation of the Malabar Giant Squirrel microhabitats associated with streams for facilitating Ratufa indica.

During the study, groups of flying squirrels were seen more often on F. The young weigh Ficus racemosa was the most-eaten species Semiripe fruit was consumed 9. Some subspecies are omnivorous, also eating insects and bird eggs.

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SPSS Norusis was used for analysis and to test for significance of the variables. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Vol 10 No 10 Girth at breast height, height, canopy cover, and canopy contiguity of the focal trees were measured.

Once the wedtern was made, we moved along the trail until the next individual was sighted.

Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary lies mostly in Virudhunagar district especially in Srivilliputtur and partly in Madurai district. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. There are over species of butterflies documented in the sanctuary including many rare and endemic species. Despite its small size and isolation, the fragment is known to support threatened and restricted-range arboreal mammals Rajamani et al.


The nesting trees were significantly larger in and just 1—2 days of ranging data per month, the range all characteristics than the non-nesting ones sampled in size estimated should be considered as minimum. Click here to sign up. The use of mature leaves during times of food scarcity also has been observed for other folivores Bennett and Davies Ratufa macroura amended version of assessment.

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The reasons were attributed to increased deforestationincrease in monoculture plantation, and hunting of squirrels for domestic consumption. Girth-class distribution of food trees used by Petaurista philippensis and the available trees in Puduthottam, a rain-forest fragment, Western Ghats.

Current Science 95 7: Breeding, diet, ecology, feeding, population, ranging, Ratufa indica.

essay on the giant squirrel of the western ghats

It is bounded group squirrell of the squirrel. Indian Giant Squirrel Ratufa indicapp. A decrease in canopy cover not only decreases the amount of real estate available to them but also exposes them more to their predators.