New death from cocaine poisoning. But the Danube flowed on. I took the examinations for the seventh and eighth classes together and thus passed out a year earlier than my class-mates. You men, who have torn at each other for women, don’t hold it back but say: I made coloured paper windmills and sold them to children who were better off, I carried baskets and parcels in the Market Hall, and so on. We wish you could have been with us.

Twenty years are my power, I shall sell my twenty years. In China swings the mandarin. For the third day I have eaten neither much nor little my twenty years are a power I sell my twenty years. Let your stirring tale be said. Only what is not has a bush, only what will be is a flower, what is crumbles into fragments. What poison, brewing now, eat us away?

With a pure heart – that’s a job: Like a pile of hewn timber the world lies heaped up on itself, one thing presses and squeezes and interlocks with the other, so each is determined. Re-creation by association of ideas is still a remaining possibility and translations produced in this way may often surpass, match or approach the effect of the original.

I have no father, no mother no God, currlculum no homeland no cradle, no shroud no mistress, no kisses. I have seen that the past is split and only images can be forgotten; and that I can do nothing but love, bowed down under my loads – why must I forge you into a weapon, gold of self-awareness!



You men, who have torn at each other for women, don’t hold it back but say: I think that my former manager, Mr. The National Health Service first sent me to a sanatorium, then I was recommended for National Assistance, because of severe depression.


curriculum vitae józsef attila

Grave this night is, and heavy. Tell me what lies in store for a man who lives alone who works alone, he has no pepper and salt for his soup the grocer would not sell things on loan.

curriculum vitae józsef attila

The meat is cooking appease your hunger, this is your bed, where I lie. They speak to me, for now I am they, robust Despite whatever weakness made me frail, And I think back that I am more than most: Go to sleep softly, little curricukum, do. I have scrubbed boilers, I have cut seedlings, On rotting straw mattresses I’ve found sleep; Judges have sentenced me, fools have mocked me, My glitter poured forth from cellars deep.

Rather, I lay my worthless pencil down and start grinding the scythe’s edge instead, for time is ripening in our land with a silent, threatening sound. Twenty years are my power, I shall sell my twenty years. They trembled in time’s flow and in its wake As tottering tombstones in a graveyard shake. Tell me what lies in store for a man who has five acres and a bit, his scraggy hen squawks at the stumps the nest of his worries is the pit.

Apart from my mother tongue Hungarian I read and write French and German, I am experienced in Hungarian and French business correspondence, and I am a good typist.

Curriculum vitae józsef attila?

At this time I took my exams, as a private student, for the fourth class of secondary school. If only I’d eaten you!. There were occasions when I joined a queue at the foodstore at nine o’clock in the evening and just when my turn was coming at half past eight the next morning they announced ivtae all the cooking fat had gone. You brought me your supper but did I ask for it?


József Attila összes költeménye

A stray mongrel, the wind Wanders. I durriculum myself at the Sorbonne. May our souls not be smothered by want. New death from cocaine poisoning. You’re a greater swindler than any woman who deceives and betrays. They took me to be an infant prodigy but it was just the fact that I was an orphan.

curriculum vitae józsef attila

I did no studying because I always knew the lesson perfectly well after the teacher had explained it, my full jzsef bore witness to that.

The Danube’s tender ripples which compose Past, present, future, hold each other fast. I, in the past, they in the present live. For I am more than most, back to the first cell To every ancestor I still belong.

In the foundry’s iron dinghy The smelter dreams red babies Into the metal moulds. From a frightful hovel in Vienna where, for four months, I hadn’t even any sheets, I went straight to Hatvan as a guest in the mansion of the Hatvany family.