We are especially insistent that all original readings are retained and submitted in your report. Ballots and special conditions For modules where a ballot is normally needed, this information should be available to students on syllabuses and other documents. There are two mechanisms for paying, by personal quota or by departmental job number. Please consult their syllabus page for more information. Dissertation option Regulations for the Engineering Tripos permit a student to propose a dissertation of between 4, and 5, words in place of one module.

Payment Problems What do I do if I want to do private printing? Teaching system printers – The remainder of this page relates to the printing charging mechanism for the teaching system printers. Riverside County Seal of Multiliteracy ppt video online download Interview. The Michaelmas term FTR must be submitted by 4pm on Wednesday of week 9 ie the Wednesday following the end of the Michaelmas term , and will be marked over the Christmas vacation and available for collection at the start of the Lent term. The coversheet includes a declaration, which you must sign, that all coursework submitted is your own work. Students need to complete a coversheet and submit all coursework to the relevant Group Administrator.

cued iib coursework cover sheet

The object of the exercise is to enhance your technical communication skills — your ability to explain to others what you have done and to provide appropriate concise discussion. Quota emails You will be sent A termly ‘statement’ of your use.

Coursework mark records Some lab leaders display marks alongside the lab booking sheets, but it is important that you retain all your marked coursework, in case of later query, and for scrutiny by the external examiners. Any instruction from the lab leaders takes precedence over departmental guidelines. The lab handouts will outline the technical aspects of the problem you should address when writing your lab report or FTR, and may provide guidance on the required content and structure of the report: How do I get more quota?


COMET will notify you if your module choices are invalid or do not fit into your chosen engineering area, in which case you must revise your selection. Arrangements for marking may slightly vary from lab to lab. Having put money onto your EPOS account, you need to “transfer funds from EPOS account to Departmental Teaching System print quota” Undergraduates who find that their print quota doesn’t cover the requirements of their shee should see the Operators for a discretionary additional quota.

You will be warned if you usage is higher than expected, i. Coursework modules use as many of the 16 slots as are appropriate to cover the course, including coursework briefing. coursewor

Fourth Year (Part IIB)

Job-numbers All postgraduates and staff members use job numbers for purchasing within the University. Skip to main content.

cued iib coursework cover sheet

coursewlrk You must read the advice on cooperation and cheating and if you have not done so already will be required to complete a consent form for the possible use of the Turnitin text matching software which checks electronic coursework submissions for plagiarism.

Coursework arrangements will usually be explained in the first lecture. Although you are not required courdework finalise your choice of modules straight away it is important, if at all possible, to attend the first timetabled period of any module of interest since it is then that the leader will give a general description of its content. Sign up for your ExA and get any fixed commitments sorted before signing up for the remaining experiments.

A total length of pages would be considered standard. Riverside County Cver of Multiliteracy ppt video online download SlidePlayer cover letter email entry level. The coversheet highlight the criteria for marking and guides the marker during the assessment of the report. Top Essay Writing cued coursework cover sheet Scribd.

Part IIB coursework hand-in procedures and contacts | CUED undergraduate teaching

Shortly after each deadline, you will confirm your selection for that term as a binding exam entry that may not subsequently be changed or discounted i. Please consult the ExA page for more information. Information on uniflow is available on a separate page.


Modules in Groups I and S will be assessed by examination and in some cases coursework as well but all marks achieved on these modules will contribute to your overall Part IIA examination mark and will not count as part of your Part IIA coursework credit. Try checking the ‘Jobs not owned by a recognised user’ queue. Speech Therapy Resume aninsaneportraitus splendid resume writing Beauty Queen. Cusd report itself should be typed or word processed to a professional standard — FTRs are assessed for quality of presentation as well as technical covr.

The statement should be signed by the Director of Undergraduate Education and the proposed dissertation assessor to indicate their support; comply with the word count and notes on referencing and formatting stipulated in regulation 29 for the Tripos; expect to commit the same amount of time to their dissertation as for any other Part IIB module.

Undergraduate Teaching 2018-19

If coirsework have an issue about quantity of printing do not erase the file to be printed as the operators will need it as a cross reference.

If submitted on paper, all reports or essays for Group E modules must be submitted with a coversheet attached. Claiming one of these jobs will mean that it will be charged to your quota or job-number. Anyone may buy quota, eg for private printing, online via the EPOS system. Study the booking sheets for all your modules before signing up.

Any special arrangements for module practical work will usually be described during the first module lecture.