Programmes usually review applications on a rolling basis. Failure to pay the application fee will result in delay in processing of the application. Their applications will be considered by the respective Colleges. Choosing Your Unis Fast Track? Q5 How to apply for financial aid? If you would like to know more about this program, visit the website here. As a result, applying for Medicine in Hong Kong is very tough, and the competition for a place in either university is extremely high.

Though do take note if you choose to fast-track, you can only fast-track ONE of them! I have to remind myself to bookmark this and also make sure my child is able to read these very good analysis of the two universities. The Colleges complement the formal curricula to deliver whole-person education and pastoral care. Q12 Do I need to apply for a waiver of the Chinese language requirement for admission? Applicants admitted to a full-time undergraduate programme can apply for hostel accommodation. Students may apply for double major in their final year of study, subject to fulfilment of the GPA and unit requirements. Your personal statement is a way for you to tell more personal information about yourself:

Kindly note that non-local applicants are those who: Applicants admitted to a full-time undergraduate programme can apply for financial aid. How much is your stuff worth? You dismissed this ad. Your Hong Kong personal statement is the best way to sttaement about your personal details and show the committee that you are the best candidate for the chosen academic program.

Non-JUPAS (Year 1 Admissions)

How do I conclude a personal statement? Q19 Is it necessary to submit recommendations? While students will be assigned college affiliation based on their preferences as far as possible, they may not be assigned to their most preferred College owing to limitation of places available.


cu non jupas personal statement

Q4 What is the tuition fee for local undergraduate students for ? I used some of them while writing my application paper and the final result satisfied me. Though do take note if you choose to fast-track, you can only fast-track ONE of them!

cu non jupas personal statement

The opinions represented on this page are from the individual authors only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Save our Study or of any other organization. CUHK is located on top of a hill, and is minutes away by shuttle bus from University station how aptly named. Before you fill in and submit the application, please read this page and visit the website s of the respective programme s to which you wish to apply for admission for updates on the programme requirements.

Failure to pay the application fee will result in delay in processing of the application. Who can be the academic referee? You should submit the application form first before the deadline, and send the examination results to the University once available.

The tuition fee for is yet to be confirmed. CUHK is proud of its cultural, whole-person education. It is important to note that for either university, do NOT be long-winded, cliche, or include unnecessary, pretentious vocabulary!

Be clear of how you would like to learn, and under what conditions you learn the most effectively. How are students assigned to colleges? However, it may be that you eventually choose to apply to BOTH universities, and that is completely fine! In this round, successful applicants may be given a firm personl conditional offer depending on individual merits, and those selected for advance offers will be notified by mid-January You should invite an appropriate person who is familiar with your academic background to be your referee.


Important Information for Applicants

While it is important to remember that BOTH modes of learning are included in the curriculum it is just that they each have a higher proportion of one over the otherif your learning style is not compatible with the university, you will seriously struggle – especially with such an academically intensive, fast-paced and demanding course.

The system for assigning new students to Colleges takes into consideration the preferences of students, their study programmes and admission scores.

Q8 How do I indicate my college preferences? Q3 How to apply for double major? Answered Mar 14, Don’t write anything about your grades and achievements as you mention it in resume. Expand All Q14 When is the pesonal for application? Advance Offer Personall facilitate outstanding candidates in making informed decisions among all early offers they receive from various universities, candidates who apply to CUHK on or before 15 November will be considered for an advance offer.

Med Showdown: HKU VS. CUHK

Thank you for your article! Applicants admitted to a full-time statdment programme will automatically be considered for admission scholarships. For further information, please visit the Scholarships and Financial Aid page.