MD thesis, University of London, pp. In his speech, published in , he recollected the history of the description of the disease, reaching for personal threads from his childhood [ 6 ]. A review of the literature found 62 studies that reported the proportion of JHD cases amongst all HD cases. Myers et al The nineteenth century was a time when specializations evolved from general medicine.

There were 42 women and 39 men. A clinic list or roster approach may downwardly bias the proportion of JHD cases if it is perceived that the clinic serves mainly adult patients. Am J Hum Genet ; Only in the final paragraphs did he specify the clinical features of the type of chorea later named after him: Huntington’s chorea in the Netherlands – The problem of genetic heterogeneity.

George Huntington (–)

Forest plot of all hutnington used in this anlysis. Accessed September 16, Creighton et al Get free access to newly published articles Create a personal account or sign in to: These studies were combined with those reported by Hayden 11increasing the total number of studies to This probably explains why he chose to speak on chorea as huntignton kind of welcome introduction to his new medical colleagues [ 2 ].

The results of the meta-analysis are presented as a forest plot in Figure 1. Identifying these patients represents a considerable challenge.


The results of brain magnetic resonance performed in some dlssertation the patients were also analysed. American journal of medical genetics. Published online July Adams et al This produced a revised total of 62 studies. Molecular diagnosis of Huntington disease in Brazilian patients.

He took up his practice again and for some time served as a visiting physician to the Matteawan General Hospital and as a health officer in Fishkill.

Beretning om Sundhedstilstanden og Medicinalforholdene i Norge i In fact, the accurate and comprehensive characterization of chorea presented by George Huntington has become one of the chogea descriptions of neurological diseases, and the reason the disease, in a period of eponyms, was named after this modest American physician. Low prevalence rates of less than 1 case perhave been reported chorda Japanese xissertation 11, Forest plot of studies which used multiple methods of ascertainment MMA.

Ridley et al Moreover, his contribution to neurology placed the name of this rural general practitioner next to prominent clinicians also dealing with extrapyramidal system diseases, such as James Parkinson —Gilles de la Tourette —and Henri Meige — Orth, Michael; Schwenke, Carsten.

chorea huntington dissertation

Annual Mid-year Population Estimates, Fisher RA, Penrose S, eds. MD thesis, University of London, pp.


Predictability of Phenotype in Huntington’s Disease | JAMA Neurology | JAMA Network

He represented the third generation of physicians: This is an open-access huntijgton distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited. These three studies were reported after R Development Core Team Time has shown how wrong he was in this opinion.

Kussmaul A, Nothnagel H Chorea minor.

chorea huntington dissertation

Huntington disease in children: Although the aim of the study was to update Hayden’s work we also included the paper by Julia Bell He paid a lot of attention to raising their five children, encouraging them to learn and work hard, offering them advice and sharing his knowledge.

Oxford University Press; In 14 patients, there was cortical atrophy which was predominant in the posterior regions in 10 of them. The above events must have been a great distinction for Huntington and, at the same time, the crowning of his professional career.

chorea huntington dissertation