Heiner Gembris talks about certain musical characteristics that show impact tendencies on the human Gembris in Hofmann , p: Background music in the car 6. How emotions influence acting through music The situational attitude of a person has a great impact on his or her acceptance of a product Raab, p. How does this form of communication work? The following example shall elaborate this idea:

As soon as we get out of the sun the feeling of warmth disappears. Introduction Since centuries music is accepted in most countries as an essential form of communication. Subsequently tests are presented about the various influences of background music in order to achieve control of people. How publicity works compared to background music. Background music in publicity 5. Background music at work 5. A definition of background music 2.

This is supposed to come from the early experiences of people in their infancy. On the other side I will look at the physical effects music has on the human mind. We receive spam in our e-mail accounts, the public busses which are colourfully painted, advertise for a travel agency bachelir other companies, etc. The subject will be determined in consultation with the thesis supervisor.

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How does background music have an effect on human beings? The tempo is mostly consistent with bpm. North American Indians use music in their rituals to cure ill people. Heiner Gembris explains that it is possible to use background music to facilitate or release stress, anger, fear or pain. Various tests have been made and will then be analyzed.


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How is it then possible to guide or even control the behaviour of a person through music? Emotions as a process 4.

Manipulation through background music

The music is supposed to create a familiar atmosphere which leads to a relaxing and secure feeling. Hesse says that there is not one specific piece of music or style that represents the perfect fit for everyone because each individual thinks and experiences differently.

Filmwissenschaft Von der Music Hall zur Filmfarce. It makes housecleaning fun and getting up in the morning something to look forward to.

bachelor thesis bgm

bgk Furthermore the harmonies have been reduced in order to maintain simple harmonies throughout the piece of music. Here the singing voice has been eliminated. Illustrations, figures, tables Musically seen, there is no movement in that kind of music. The cities are full of posters, flyers, and other advertising tools.

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Physical impacts of music and how we can overcome of being influenced 8. The listener does not focus completely on the music.

bachelor thesis bgm

It makes exercise easier and work more productive. Various tests and measurements have been made about the influence of music on emotions.


The goal of publicity is to influence the customer to buy bachelog certain ware with communication that acts through the unconsciousness of the customer. The tempo is calm and there are no great dynamic changes.

Studies on musical works and their emotional influence on consumer behaviour were made in several supermarkets.

As soon as we get out of the sun the feeling of warmth disappears. It is also interesting to thesjs how background music has an impact on the physical body. Typical music that increases the activation are frequently military marches, dance music, drinking songs, etc.

Music therapists use music to heal their patients. One of their advertising slogans is as follows:. Latest findings about brain and music.

The musical works that have been arranged for that purpose are often popular or at least familiar to the public. How publicity works compared to background music. He says that the researcher Hanswer showed in an experiment with pregnant women that background music helps to release their pain. Background music in restaurants and supermarkets 5.