You always raise the social causes in your article which is respectful and admirable for me as an individual. Thank you for persevering with the good fight Coup 4. A similar parallel can be drawn between the role and place of commoner and individual Fijians in the overall Fijian traditional society vis-a-vis the chiefs and the Great Council of Chiefs. It was on 19 April that the groundwork for the coup was laid and according to Kubuabola, 11 May was the day his co-conspirators decided to proceed with its execution. We must now ensure a smooth transition to enable the new government to settle quickly and get on with the important task of further developing our country.

Moreover, Ratu Sukuna had little understanding of, and even less sympathy for, the predicament and aspirations of Indo-Fijians, ‘Mother India’s more enlightened children’, who should have accepted their designated place in the colonial hierarchy instead of challenging it, and whose lives were deeply affected by Ratu Sukuna’s activities. Thank you for persevering with the good fight Coup 4. Here are some historical facts: That base is being eroded. Coz father was a student in the castle.

During early colonial era, the Native Administration was criticised for failing to develop the iTaukei. Here are some historical facts: The Constitution breaks new ground in a number of areas, including the establishment of an independent Accountability and Transparency Commission ohaiyum to which all public office holders will be accountable — and an electoral system that will give all Fijians an equal vote.

It is becoming Fiji for Fijians now. Your society still looks to you to deliver the goods-you are subjected to old pressures, and new ones.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum Thesis

This was already revealed by many people. What is needed, as a first step is perhaps the re-appointment of the President to begin negotiations with the Commodore? In Vore’s case it was easy because Epeli’s dad in law was in the white castle. For Sukuna, ‘the true religion of the Fijian is the service to the chief’; he was cynical on the value of democracy, and as an aristocrat, remained skeptical about ‘how far ability can carry a man in modern society’.


The self-contained, self-sufficient Fijian world of Ratu Sukuna’s time, and that of other high Fijian chiefs like Ratu Mara, has vanished beyond recall. He also warns that if the chiefs are planning to bring back the Qarase government, they will have another thing coming.

In the FNP submitted that the chiefly system be abolished altogether.

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Just a note to thank you for your great work in keeping this blog alive to voice our opinions. Tradition was thwsis with politics.

Why is the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs reintroducing a failed system? Bear this in mind.

If democracy is to grow and flourish, its roots must be planted in a healthy, vibrant soil, and not on a murky and undemocratic foundation. Bainimarama was the best candidate as he was not tainted by the corrupt network going around creating an atmosphere of fear mongering amongst the various ethnic groups in Fiji.

Europeans who opposed them did so not only because of beliefs in Anglo-Saxon racial superiority but also through fear and resentment of Indian competition’. Yes the Constitution was a complete turn around from the sentiments that catpulted Rambo into the limelight.

Will the Commodore simply take complete control of the nation, sideline the GCC, and become the Head of State, and run the country under a series of decrees. The individual’s democratic right to vote in our political system does not mean that he has to vote for a chief.


Everything else is a lie. Democracy, that great swear word which denotes freedom and choice, is the Achilles heel of Fijian politics.

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Anti-Fijians are those racists whose actions have brought fiji to her knees. Thus it was there that Rabuka met khaium other conspirators on Easter Monday, nine days after the defeat of the Alliance Party. It is a system for which we have the deepest respect and which we will defend. Remember it was Vore himself who asked Qarase to be PM.

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The objectives underlying Gordon’s policies were similar to those which had given rise to colonial practices elsewhere: Vore however knew his time aiysz up, both as commander and as a free man because he was about to be charged.

And according to Ratu Mara, the situation was worsened when the leader making those statements said nothing about other high chiefs from other provinces. Heinlein, – If This Goes On. In summary, Durutalo, himself a commoner, indirectly appealed to the underprivileged Fijians and Indo-Fijians to unite and undermine the established political order.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

When Epeli Ganilau recommended Voreqe, it had nothing to do with the politicians. Two days later the Police Commissioner informed Ratu Mara thdsis the Fiji Police Force could no longer guarantee the security of the nation. In his opening address to the Council of Chiefs, he outlined what were to him the worst aspects of chiefly rule in Fiji: This was the reason why all of a sudden, extremist politicians and individuals became prominent in khaiym news leading up to election and afterwards.