Compare the strategies and motives underlying the conquest of the Aztecs by Cortez and the conquest of the Incas by Pizzaro. I would have to agree with what Howard Zinn is saying, not because it isn’t important, but because it would in fact accomplish nothing that will substantially change the way we go about learning history, and nothing we do know can changed what happened over years ago The 10 million Indians were reduced to less than a million from diseases introduced by the whites. In just two years, Columbus killed nearly half the population of Haiti. He thought gold was a sign of being very wealthy. Retrieved May 23, , from https: Zinn sees it as the duty of the historian not simply to relay what happened, but to remedy the marginalization that persecuted people have experienced, both in history and in history books.

To me killing poor people is never just and unjustifiable. However, Zinn brings up de las Casas, suggesting that, even in the s, some Europeans regarded Columbus as a murderer and a thief. When I was reading A peoples history of the united states by Howard Zinn, the thesis that really interested me in chapter one is when Columbus says page 18 paragraph 1 lines 1 and two”how certain are we that what was destroyed was inferior? It is estimated that 10 to 15 million African blacks died due to slavery by He does not omit the story of mass murder; indeed he describes it with the harshest word one can use: Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress.

Howard Zinn Chapter 1 Study Questions

Important Quote and Explanation from. In New England, the wealthiest citizens chapher a war on the Wampanoag, since they stood to gain significant property and land. At the end of the 15th century, in a place later known as the Bahamas, Arawak men and women rhesis from their villages to watch as Christopher Columbus and his sailors came ashore.


Columbus didn’t initially plan to kill off the residents of the ” New World “, he wished to conquer the land and seemed to believe abusing and killing off the residents was the way to go in executing his plan.

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The New Englanders were willing to kill anyone who obstructed their sovereign right to property and land. They gave him gold and silver.

zinns thesis for chapter 1

Zihns Zinn’s uses a thesis revolving around moving forward instead of bashing Columbus for what he did in his past. To get a unique essay Hire Writer. However, Zinn suggests that some idealization of chaptef Native Americans is justified, not thesix because of the little we do know about pre-Columbian Native Americans, but because most history textbooks ignore Native American culture altogether.

In Haiti, he enslaved entire tribes, ordering them to search for gold or be killed. Columbus had called them Indians. Both Pizzaro and Cortez destroyed nations for gold and slaves. Many Indian tribes were egalitarian, with minor differences between the rich and poor.

He goes on to speak more of how historians works are very biased and hide important facts mainly because they weren’t there, they only studied what happened, they didn’t live it. Columbus kept them as prisoners on this ship and forced them to lead him to places where he can find gold and they usually died from the cold.

ZINN QUESTIONS chapter 1 – columbus, the Indians and Human Progress

Zinn quotes the writer Albert Camus: Zinn tells this story from the perspective of the Arawak, noting how Columbus, from his first days in the Bahamas, aimed to subjugate the Arawak. Identify one early and one subsequent motive that drove Columbus to oppress indigenous peoples.


There is also evidence that there was less structural sexism in Indian tribes than in European societies: He is saying that why they need to fight for something they can simply have. Africa also impressed thseis Europeans with their well-built economic structure and chwpter trade within cities. What was the significance of Quetzalcoatl? Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts.

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Email required Address never made public. How can we improve? Europe greatly overpowered Africa militarily however, with better guns and ships. Zinn talks about how Columbus was not a hero at all. Declaration of Independence Assignment.

We should not celebrate him for his discoveries because he killed many natives. He oppressed the Indian people because he thought they know where the gold was.

I do agree with him. chaprer

Zinn tried to prove the Indians were not inferior people by stating how the societies had advanced in agriculture, language, construction, and religion. He states all their accomplishments that they made without the help of the English.

He is saying that he and his people will give them whatever they want if they are willing to approach in a friendly manner.

zinns thesis for chapter 1