The grade level would be Grade 10 math and Grade 11 physics. On the other hand, Psych Aspects of Lifeskills is offered online and I have heard it was easy which might be an option. Classics of sport and antiquity was easier but not the most interesting in my opinion The exams also consist of readings from another textbook all of which are MC questions. How important are the supplementary readings from the textbook when it comes to the exams?

Got a question about student life? I thought I had gotten all the Fall courses off of my list. This course requires very little studying. Exams were entirely written combination of definitions, short answers and essay questions — you were expected to be able to make reference to specific passages. Should have hit over 90 but I underestimated it I guess.

I haven’t taken it so I cant give you that much advice about it. I have a background in Bio so I did well but it was a ton of work, probably the class I had to uwp most for.

I think they’d actually be a nice addition to your transcript too, as it shows you have some computer skills. Just follow the instructions to the letter and you’ll be fine.

Sign In Sign Up. Vancouver44 wrote beyondsection17 wrote I don’t know about first year courses, but once you’re into second year you’ve GOT to take Geography essag Tourism. That being said I very much enjoyed bidd class, it was probably my favourite of the semester. This course requires very little studying.


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But Social Psych is just once a week at night anyways Stay away just my advice. If you know anything about web design, using the computer proficiently, and being familiar with Adobe programs ie. Provided you take impeccable notes out of the textbook and read them over 2 or 3 times before each exam 3 non cumulative easy 4.

You complete 2 reports about certain topics and participate in class and its an easy If I recall correctly, you had the option of picking 5 of 7 definitions, 3 of 4 short answers and 1 of 2 essays, for the typical midterm.

Unfortunately, I’m not permitted to take computer science because it’s a “category Uao course” and I can only choose courses either from the arts or social sciences. The presentations are group based.

uwo essay bird courses

Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Real advice from real students.

uwo essay bird courses

Going to class is a waste of time as she literally reads the slides in a monotone voice. In a perfect system, corporations would fear the government and the government would fear the people. Create a New Account. Psych – Basically neuroscience.

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I thought the course was really interesting, but the teaching and examination styles are not typical. In reality, you’ll just know how to change fonts in Microsoft Word, but, hey, what they don’t know won’t hurt ’em. No need to be so toxic.


It’s only loosely physics THe other half of the exams are based on the programs you use and this part is very tricky. If you are good at french, remember it’s important to fail the entry exam to get into this course. I took it a year ago and you basically have to memorize three lectures for each test.

French – Simply fail the online placement test offered by the dept.

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I was wondering if anyone knew the difference between comp sci and comp sci ? They all sound uuwo enough, but I guess experience trumps theory in this case?

It’s taught by Professor Lomber, I didn’t hear anything good or bad about this course, but it’s a mandatory course for me to take sooner or later. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. If you are looking for a bird course, consider this one but also look elsewhere.

I thought I had gotten all the Fall courses off of my list.