What is it about and what purposes does it serve? A doctorate Promotion in German, from the Latin promotio, or promotion is the award of the academic title of doctor in a particular field of study in the form of a doctoral certificate. Special conditions applied to the doctorate candidates in justified cases are decided upon by the Doctoral Committee. Send the documents by mail to: For the actual doctoral proceedings, Doctorate Regulations at the School of Science apply. Website search Reset Search.

Please note that for matriculating you are required to register online at the application portal of TU Dresden. Preparation of a dissertation Disputation defence Rigorosum final oral exam Alternative: Doctoral Studies The Faculty of Education would be delighted to welcome you as a future doctoral candidate. When requesting this certificate e. Barkhausen-Bau, Room Helmholtzstr. Do I need to be matriculated at the university to participate in doctoral studies at the School of Science and to be able to replace the Rigorosum? The number of required copies has been set by the SLUB and the scientifically competent institution or department.

Skip to main navigation. How to reach us. When should the application for the replacement of the Rigorosum oral exam be submitted? To apply for enrolment, please use the website of the admission office. Otherwise, enrolment is voluntary. Publication in electronic form dresfen also additionally possible.

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The application for opening of the doctorate proceedings must be submitted through Promovenduswhich will generate an application document that you must hand in at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering through. However, matriculation is not mandatory. The acquisition of foreign languages also falls to this category.


We are happy that you plan to do your doctorate at the Faculty of Computer Science.

Doctoral Studies

Yes, simple copies are not enough. Send the documents by mail to: Doctorate Studies Table of contents Application requirements Promovendus acceptance as a doctoral candidate Regulations and committees Admission Certified copies and verification of equivalence of foreign university degrees Enrolment Additional requirements doctorate proceedings Opening the doctorate proceedings Rigorosum and Defense Mandatory Deposit Copies Clearance Certificate Completed doctorates and alumni network We are happy that you plan to do your doctorate at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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Doctoral study can therefore be described as follows:. You must present drsden confirmation of enrolment within 3 months after acceptance as a doctoral candidate.

Doctorate Studies

The title page of postdoctoral theses should contain: The regulations for enrolment can be found in the enrolment regulations German. The dissertation as well as the defense of dissertation can be in the German or English.

tu dresden slub dissertation

There are two opponents; on good reason a third opponent can also be included. Electronic publishing is done in 4 Steps Register the document on Qucosa via the entry mask fill in title, abstract, key words, name of the advisor, Do I have to participate in a doctoral study programme at the School of Science in order to be awarded a doctorate degree at the School of Science? At the employee responsible for doctoral issues within your faculty: Promovendus will generate an application document for you, which you will have to hand in to the Faculty of Computer Science through.

For all formal actions involved with doctorate proceedures e. Other opponents can be technical college professors or lecturers or junior professors or they must give proof of achievements that are comparable to the qualifications as a university lecturer habilitation.


Recommendation of the TU Dresden The TU Dresden has passed a Resolution on Open Access-Publishing that explicitely calls researchers to make their scientific work accessible to the public by publishing on the institutional repository Qucosa.

Doctorate Studies — Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering — TU Dresden

Regulations and committees Doctorate regulations German Guidelines for Publication-based Dissertations German Academic study regulations for doctoral studies in Computer Science German Regulations for processing of personal data during the doctorate at TU Dresden German Members of the doctoral board. In the former case, a doctoral committee reviews the correspondence to the doctoral study admission requirements at the beginning of the studies admission to Doctoral Studies. Doctorate regulations in German only.

If you no longer reside in Dresden or are unable to attend the meeting due to professional commitment, there is also the possibility for getting the certificate in another way: The documents issued by TU Dresden can be certified at the university: Who appoints the opponent for my dissertation and what to consider when choosing an opponent?

Preparation of a dissertation Disputation defence Rigorosum final oral exam Alternative: When requesting this certificate e. Exceptions to this rule may be granted on request by the responsible member of the Doctorate Committee.