She tucked him in on the sofa, as he needed a nap and was feeling unwell perhaps a result of the apparently spoiled mutton or other food the family was consuming that week due to a non-functional icebox , and she maintained she proceeded to go to their barn to look for fishing lures for an upcoming trip in their cool loft. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Psychologically, violent crime scenes tell us much. Such decisions are subjective judgment calls, and the judge made his based on his perception of what he had been given. She was in fact the only person home at the time and she claims she was in the barn even though no one knows for sure. Far superior to simply view it for the mystery it is, and admit — none of us will ever know who committed the murders.

The Lizzie Borden Case. Further, I view her as a compassionate, creative, and loving individual…and a remarkable one compared to most of my sisters considering her high degree of rational fortitude. It seems to me more a point of shock value meant to disturb her, versus mere questioning. I consider her subsequent indictment more a reflection upon a legal decision with which I disagree than anything else, as I see no evidence warranting being charged for the crime. Thus, the perverted assumption of many — then and now — that if one is accused, they must be guilty. Why make an assumption that only one woman was capable of such rage? The fixation as seen in the inquest questioning on Lizzy Borden by the prosecutor seems odd to me.

Until now, her case causes various interpretations and disputes. Indeed, her own sister, maintained belief in her innocence, and they made a life together in a home for several years after the trial until they went their separate ways. Likewise, to the degree anyone as many do feels Borden could have reason for motive which I find a ludicrous assertionlikewise could the maid.

The difference, strange and thus incomprehensible to emotionally controlled people, makes us unemotional when others in same situation would become wild in their physical and emotional demeanor. Despite the relentless and often nonsensical questioning of what seems a frustrated Knowlton, Lizzie Borden never allowed him to provoke her into anger or hysteria.

And it is that she did. Indeed, her own sister, maintained belief in her innocence, and they made a life together in a home for several years after the trial until they went their separate ways. Based upon my extensive research, and in particular my reading of the inquest of Ms. Suppressed anger is often characteristic of violence exhibited attack upon the faces of victims, while as it has been seen that those with conflicted feelings of relationship with the victim often results in victim bodies which are covered as to show respect for the deceased — even though the perpetrator committed the killing — not mutilation.


Lizzie Borden 19 July — 1 June was a United States citizen, which has become famous thanks to the famous case of the murder of her father and stepmother, in which it was accused.

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My perception of her is based both on study of her life before she was accused and acquitted thesix the murder of her father and stepmother, during the trial, and thereafter. Shortly after the trial, Knowlton became Attorney General of Massachusetts. Of course, prosecutors and judges must make a judgment call in every case, however in my judgment there was just no compelling reason due to lack of evidence to indict her.

Whomever tesis the bloody attacks was filled with the powerful feeling of rage. At first, the police believed that the murder of the Bordens had been committed by other people, but eventually the police strengthened in their suspicion that it was Lizzie who committed a double murder.

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She has never married and had not any children. Lizzie and her sister referred to their step-mother as Mrs. Bridget Sullivan, the maid, was an Irish immigrant approximately in her early twenties many teen females immigrated to the States at that time who was without any familial connection to the deceased, whose was the only inquest testimony lost, never to be found to this day, and who had an apparent meeting with prosecutor Knowlton the night prior to the preliminary hearing as Attorney Adams brought in his questioning of Bridget.

If Lizzie Borden had opportunity, likewise did Bridget during her various housecleaning rounds that day upstairs and downstairs. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I was impressed by her relative composure and lack of emotionalism the very attributes some listening to her apparently found disturbingand I identify with the personality and qualities of mind she evinced.


The savagery of the attacks upon the Borden couple seems to me characteristic of suppressed rage, not emotional ambivalence often reflected in crimes between family members. Numerous newspaper accounts of what friends of the time said of her paint a portrait of a woman people trusted. Skip to content Lizzie Borden 19 July — 1 June was a United States citizen, which has become famous thanks to the famous case of the murder of her father and stepmother, in which it was accused.

thesis statement lizzie borden

A stranger upstairs would be unable to have any inkling as to a best exit time downstairs. Women are capable of a spiritual insanity which makes their violent crimes not only on par but frequently even more sickening than some of the tuesis notorious male murderers in history.

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If someone calls someone you love a name…you either get angry and want to get back at them OR you consider the source and think how pathetic they are and you remain calm, void of reaction. At the same time, ordinary people have a good opinion about Lizzie and believed her innocent. There were friends who stood by her innocence then and through years thereafter. Actually, considering the extreme duress she was under, I found much of what she said articulate, thoughtful, and thsis.

The same day, a brother of the first wife of Mr. I have been interviewed on several radio shows regarding this thesis.

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From lzizie personal study of such analysis albeit as it related to serial killingit would appear that their murders were at the hand of what could be called a disorganized killer — one who is acting on impulse, of low social order, and commits an act of sudden violence. Inthere were three cases brought against maids- separate cases- accused of murdering their employers in Indonesia. Some people say that it is impossible for someone to murder two people, clean up the mess and hide the weapon in such a short amount of time.

Lizzie offered to her father to have some on the couch in the living room and take a nap before the dinner, he did so.