Each character deals with pressure in a different way. The ignorance of the parental figure, in this case the mother and the older brother, causes the child to feel pressured which ultimately leads to something neither parental figure thought the younger brother and daughter would do. This suggests that suffering is passed down generationally. I really enjoyed both of these stories and think that I can make suitable arguments about the strength of the female characters in both stories. Setting is challenging to tackle because it adds an element to the story where the readers must make their own conclusions.

A Small Good Thing was written through the eyes of no one, and the relationship among characters is more up to interpretation. Topic and Thesis Statement. I see many common themes amongst the two and plan to delve into the stories and analyze them. Sonny struggles with addiction and rediscovering himself and his mother struggles with dying and not being able to take care of her family anymore. Her mother wanted her to be perfect and talented in areas the girl disliked and she hurts her mother very badly when she reacts to it. A strong thesis is interesting to your reader and to you. In both stories, the characters are vulnerable and scared; however, through the love and support of their relationships with their family they are able to understand the need for family.

Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin Essay

I see many common themes amongst the two and plan to delve into the stories and analyze them. The person that bears all the weight of the tragedy that hits the family is the mother.

I will attempt prompt five for my short story essay, which explores how close analysis of setting provides insight into character, meaning, theme etc. Although some might believe that one point of view could contain constraints, others believe that the broader point of view is the better one.


sonnys blues thesis

Topic and Thesis Statement Katie L. September 29, at 7: I got to get outside. Really pinning down what you mean in clear, specific language will help you to create a stronger road map for where you want your argument to go.

Not a soul under the sound of their voices was hearing this song for the first time, not one of them had been rescued. This suggests that suffering is passed down generationally. I pick prompt number four in order to focus on these relationships and not only how they affect the mothers and daughters but also other family members as well. September 30, at 9: There are different relationships at play in the stories.

Baldwin shows that suffering is a central component of the African American experience, and Harlem is portrayed as a trap—a place of violence and suffering that, because of the trauma and racism its residents sonnsy, is nearly impossible to escape.

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This is a great start, Katie. The Narrator speakerSonny speakerGrace speaker. Both characters, Scotty and Connie, are teenagers who sonys trying to break away from their families for freedom, be it by walking to school without ones parents or being a typical rebellious teenage girl. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? How to make this thesis statement better: The point of view can affect the way one sees relationships in a story negatively in a dramatic, challenging, and difficult way.

Setting is theais to tackle because it adds an element to the story where the readers must make their own conclusions. While one shuts down after too much pressure, the other becomes more sure of sknnys mind. Ansley has done to ruin there relationship that apparently never existed.


sonnys blues thesis

The narrator when he sees drugs being dealt in the playground near the projects and that the neighborhood is going downhill and struggling with his brother. September 29, at bluues Page Number and Citation: Can you suggest a subtopic that has anything to do with the bigger topic green issues?

Thesis statement for Sonny’s Blues?

September 28, at 4: Tehsis young people are rebels; however they are rebellious in different ways. I need help with a thesis statement for james baldwins “sonny’s blues”? The differing points of view in which these stories are told give them a different dynamic, which is interesting to see.

I think I may have written Sonny the very day that little Grace was buried. You going to be evil with him many a time. I was sitting in the living-room in blufs dark, by myself, and I suddenly thought of Sonny.

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Some examples of these are the age sonngs the girls and the difference in the relationships between mother and daughter. Compare and contrast themes from other texts to this theme…. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of every Shakespeare play.