What are the challenges to the Kingdom of God? Accounting and finance are also covered, as well as factors that can influence business and its ability to make profit. Maths qualifications are highly valued by both those in Higher Education and employers too. No other subject is as relevant and fast-moving to the dynamic world we live in today. No other subject is as relevant to how the world works today”. This will be done on rotation basis where you visit one of our network nurseries.

You will find some additional FAQs below. It involves the systematic study and explanation of human social life, groups and societies. Researching about different agencies including charities such as Childline and Age UK was interesting because it made me understand the different circumstances people go through in their lives and that sometimes they need to talk it through with people who can help them. Q Isn’t Notre Dame difficult to get to? Anyone with an inquisitive mind, an interest in human behaviour and a strong work ethic will thrive in Psychology; it is a subject that sits well with students, from those looking into careers in a clinical setting or those wanting simply to work with a range of different people.

Examples of employment which this course can support with might include: Investigating different symptoms for different conditions has made me understand how important mental health is. Mrs G Dent – gdent notredame-high.

Encourage your child to watch and listen to business news, as well as carrying out wider reading of articles that are eheffield to the area of study. After each test, students will be given a score and feedback on how to improve for future tests. Key Stage 4 Health and Social Care is an ideal qualification for those pupils who want a broad background in health and social care or are considering a career in the care profession. What are the challenges to the Kingdom of God?


Phase 1 up until February. Elements and compounds, mixtures and reactions. What does it mean to belong to a Catholic Christian community? Y8 Students study each of biology, chemistry and physics with a specialist teacher, meaning that their class will rotate in the order: You can help your child by encouraging them to practice their faith, and hoomework practicing it with them.

These will be taught on a carousel.

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Students are required to evaluate theories using this scientific research in detailed essays for homework and their exams. The focus of Y11 is to revise all of the GCSE content of maths ensuring that pupils are confident and competent in applying them in exam style problems.

In Year 13 a greater emphasis is placed on the global economy with particular attention given to financial markets. How you can help your child in Maths: In addition to another excellent year in terms of attainment, we are also celebrating a 4th consecutive year in which our value added or progress measure is once again significantly above the national average.

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This Core RE commitment can be fulfilled in various options: GCE Business AS level — one year; A level — two years In year one of this course, students are introduced to enterprise, setting up a business and the risk involved. Supporting your child homeworo committing time outside of lessons to work on maths would be very beneficial.


Learning about how children develop and their different milestones was fun to learn about because you never really think about how you as person have developed from when you were a baby.

Social theory is important in Damr. Have you ever wondered why footballers are paid more than doctors or why prices vary in different parts of the country? Click on the link below for further information:. Cain Assistant Headteacher — jcain notredame-high. Head of Maths Department: Mr D Sheffjeld – dhorner notredame-high.

Our A Level Mathematics specification allows greater jy and aims to create a positive learning environment, enabling teachers to adapt to students’ needs and help them fulfil their potential. You will find some additional FAQs below.

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Should euthanasia be legal? Students should be encouraged to review their notes regularly and to supplement these with extra detail from the textbook. Visit different places of worship. German GCSE level second language short fat option.

Sociologists aim to investigate and understand the social world and human behaviour within it.

show my homework notre dame high school sheffield

In Year 12 students are given an introductory foundation in these two areas before a more in-depth analysis is taken in Year