Andy and Red are trapped in their roles in society, and like Deckard and Rachael in Bladerunner there is nowhere for them to go–except perhaps this tiny little town in Mexico bordering on the Pacific He was introverted and uptight. So, when he is finally released, he does not know how to react. Brooks does eventually leave the prison behind, but what was meant to be a grant of freedom is actually just a shift from one institution to another, one in which Brooks is out of place. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. But the fact that Red is our narrator suggests that this is his story too. The nature of the prison is cold and oppressive.

As the music plays, the inmates stop still, hypnotised and overcome by its beauty. Inmates either go up to the windows or look up at the sky in an attempt to look beyond the prison walls. After all, how do we define who we are? Red’s ideas about institutionalization are confirmed through the character Brooks, the prison librarian. Andy is the product of a society that stresses hard work and dedication to ascribed statuses. Secondly was his physical escape through the sewage tunnels of Shawshank prison to be a free man. This is such a contrast of the bleak grey walls of the prison to the colourful voices being played through the speakers.

But the fact that Red is our narrator suggests that this is his story too. Does this mean that we are all victims of institutionalization in our society?

Darabont cleverly uses the prison setting in The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart Scene to help the audience understand how the inmates have become institutionalised from everyday prison life.

If it exists at all it is too obscure to appear even on a regional map of Mexico. After his third parole hearing is successful and Red is released from Shawshank, the only thing keeping him from taking his life like Brooks did, is this redemptive hope, which ultimately saved his life. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

Other techniques in this scene include dialogue and voiceover. This development of redemption showed the viewer that although it appeared to be a small redemptive act, their bleak and troublesome life and environment meant the smallest of acts could redeem them for a brief moment.


It shows us dedemption the prison experience can grow on someone until it is the only life one knows and how he institutionlisation begin to rely on the institution of the prison itself institutionalsiation to remain who he is; it “does [a] satisfying job of scouring the methods and madness of an ironclad institution, and letting us look at inmates as if they were puppies lost in hell” Stack 3c.

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shawshank redemption essay institutionalisation

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Rehabilitated, of course meaning resigned, hopeless, and defeated–“ready to rejoin society”.

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Not only does this scene uncover institutionalisation, but also how the prisoners respond to the feeling of hope and therefore exposing its importance. In his former life, Andy was a banker– an “institutional” job if there ever was one. This shows redemptiin they have become institutionalised as they are transfixed by something so simple.

shawshank redemption essay institutionalisation

We can a better understand of the inmates as we learn that hope is not only wishful thinking, but never giving up and more importantly it is the foundation for motivation. The director uses contrast in this scene to develop redemption and allows the viewer to understand that although a seemingly small act, such as playing music, can have huge redemptive repercussions for characters in the film. The music that is played is also hugely contrasted to the majority of music selected to back the rest of the movie.

At the beginning of the movie, Red Redding the narrator of the film is introduced to us as “the guy that can get it for you. Shawshank Essay Display posts from previous: From the prisons setting we gain a better understanding of institutionalisatio prison inmates. We use shawshak to give you the best experience possible. As obvious as these effects of institutionalization are on Red and Brooks, Andy Dufresne seems somehow immune to them, as if “he wore an invisible shxwshank that could shield him” from the prison.


Unlike the other prisoners at Shawshank, Andy tries to maintain ties to institutionalsiation life outside the walls and simply refuses to resignedly accept his role as a prisoner. And his eventual escape from prison would seem the logical conclusion of the story. As he is tunneling throughout the dirty pipes for miles to freedom, the dark lighting, close up capture of his determined and contorted face and the tight spaces represent his confinement that he experienced within Shawshank redfmption and sets the viewer up for the following scene where there is a ihstitutionalisation distance high angle shot showing Andy free at last within the world and no longer confined to the gates of the prison.

As he explains to Red, Andy’s wife thought of him as a “closed book” that institutiohalisation so caught up in his work that he was incapable of loving her, and this he believes lead to the liaison that ended in her death.

Who is Andy Dufresne?

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More likely it is a cynical one. Maybe, but like Andy Eseay, we can always hope. Sign-up here it’s free. After this release, Red’s life in a society he does not know is similar to that of Brooks; he has merely switched to a larger institution in which he is not important.

Shawshank Redemption Essay

Click to learn more essxy The inmates melodramatic response to the sound of music enables the audience to understand how much they are missing out on life. If this were taken away from him he would be unsure of his role in society at large; he would no longer be the guy who can get things and his life would have no meaning. It is also interesting that they are all white, male, and American.