Subtract, Estimate the quotient using compatible numbers, 40 You can change percents into fractions and decimals just as you can change fractions and decimals into percents. Writing to Explain Explain the steps to adding mixed numbers. Kendra wants to paste photographs into an album, 6 photos to a page. She babysat last night for 3.

An integer is a whole number or its opposite 7 and 7 are integers. Which estimate is closest to the actual answer? Estimation If a circle has a circumference of three feet, estimate its diameter to the nearest foot. Jia also writes out her problem to make sure her answer is correct. Number Sense In the problem 62 45, what are the partial products?

Front Side Top There are no hidden cubes.

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 11-8

Round the divisor to the nearest ten. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users.

Adding and Subtracting: Like Denominators

How long will it take Travis to read the book? The splving cannot be a smaller number than the factors unless at least one factor is between 0 and 1. Write 2 in the hundreds place of the quotient. To divide a whole number by a fraction, multiply the whole number by the reciprocal of the fraction.


The length of the twig is more than 70 mm but less than 80 mm.

The larger number may need to be renamed. Name Reteaching Thousandths Example 1: Draw circles divided into 3 equal parts to represent What must you do first? Topic 7 47 Practice 9. Kevin and some problwm ordered several pizzas and cut them into different numbers of slices.

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

Extend the table if necessary. The ribbon length is 7 inches longer than the beaded section. Geometry Kirk ordered a pizza with 10 slices. Place the sum over fractions with the same the common denominator and denominator, add the numerators.

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

Three is rwteaching sum of one plus one plus one. The arrow represents all numbers less than 4. Topic 7 65 Practice 4. Abh A 10 cm 8 cm Reteaching A 80 cm2 Find the area of each parallelogram. How many pages did she read on Day 5? Estimation Estimate the product of 48 and 7.


Find the perimeter of the figure. This triangle is both scalene and obtuse. Subtract and bring down the next digit in the dividend.

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 11-8

Then subtract the whole numbers. She has 5 pages.

7-1 Adding and Subtracting: Like Denominators

Draw a number line 0—10 with an open circle around 5. Is ABC a right, an acute, an obtuse, or a straight angle?

Make the least common multiple the least common denominator of both fractions. Subtract the ones, tens, and hundreds. Here, it is thousandths. Since 60 10the answer is reasonable.