One of the major problems Scholars encounter is how to translate an interest in a topic into a thesis. A successful thesis requires a viable proposal, goal-setting, time management, and interpersonal skills on top of the disciplinary skills associated with your intended area of honors. For specific questions on organization or labeling, check with your thesis supervisor to see if there is a style guide you should use. The thesis is, by design, your most ambitious undertaking as a Scholar. Some people are math prodigies but nobody is a sociology prodigy.

Each table and each figure in the text must have a number and caption. The thesis is, by design, your most ambitious undertaking as a Scholar. Afterwards, return to the list of tables or list of figures page, right click on the list, and “update table entire table ” and the page will automatically hyperlink. If corrections are required, your file will be deleted and you will be asked to make the changes and upload a new file immediately. Go to the eHT website and upload your final thesis After your electronic final submission, approvals are needed by faculty; then your thesis will be reviewed one final time by the Honors College. You can also pick a non-major area of honors.

Topic What the thesis will be about Supervision Who will be supervising you The SHC staff doesn’t review the content of the proposal, so the intended audience is your would-be thesis supervisor and the honors adviser in your intended area of honors.

The Fair Use Checklist is an excellent tool in making a fair use determination.

The feasibility of a given thesis problem is bounded, as mathematicians might say, by several factors including: Large files will upload, but it may take a long time to download for future use.

The honors adviser is the gatekeeper for any area-specific policies or requirements beyond the thesis itself. If your thesis content is such that archiev feel you need to upload content other than text to properly represent your work, upload the textual portion of your thesis first as a single, standalone PDF file.


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To determine if a work is in the public domain, go to the following websitemade available through Cornell University. Include your academic vita at the end of your thesis without a page number and do not include your GPA Include your abstract following your title page Roman number i Make sure your thesis is saved in PDF format Have your thesis faculty submit their electronic signatures on eHT.

They also impact how much time you’ll need for successive drafts. Later in life, as a historian of pre-colonial Latin America, you might learn indigenous languages like Mayan or Quechua, but right now you only know Spanish; as a biochemist you might master a wide range of techniques but right now you only know one or two.

All text should use the Times New Roman font. This is sgate of what the thesis experience will test for you—whether or not you want to continue via graduate school in that kind of slow-moving enterprise. But if the supervisor happens to be a professor of literature, you are still able to pursue honors in history based on the substance and methodology of the schreeyer.

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A thesis, on the other hand, is problem-oriented: The end-of-junior-year requirement is from the SHC, but your major may expect a much earlier commitment so be sure to talk to your honors adviser as early as sophomore year about this. Material that thewis pertinent but is somewhat tangential or very detailed raw schreyrr, procedural explanations, etc.

For instance, some majors require that their students take specific coursework to graduate with honors, and this is enforced via honors adviser approval of the thesis proposal. An ideal thesis project should do many things, including: Public Access to Honors Theses.


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There are circumstances where you might defer graduation to complete your thesis, but that shouldn’t be your initial plan. The “official” copy of the Honors Thesis is the electronic file eHTand this is the copy that will be on file with the University Libraries.

Research-Oriented Majors You should avoid syate temptation to stick with your first lab placement merely out of convenience if the topic is not interesting to you.

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Since theses aren’t graded, you never know if you’re looking at something excellent or merely adequate. The thesis will be released automatically for access worldwide at the end of the two-year period. Acknowledgments are not a required component of an honors thesis.

Some people thesiss math prodigies but nobody is a sociology prodigy. Begin each section on a new page. Abilities The constraint that’s least discussed but is probably most important, of course, is your abilities.

penn state schreyer thesis archive

If this occurs, you must either: Also, please communicate with your professors to find out their schedule and preferred amount of time to review your thesis. Make sure you are afchive about which suggested changes are in effect required. Then, add additional files for any other content as separate uploads. The electronic thesis is available to anyone who wishes to access it on the Web unless you request restricted access.

penn state schreyer thesis archive

All of the ones just mentioned, plus the benefit of devoting yourself full-time to the thesis, whether it’s in a lab on campus or in the field. The standard scenario is that a Scholar has one major and writes the thesis under the supervision of a thesis supervisor in that major.