Funding News May 04, On this form you can: You could start revising before you get your summary statement if you have promising new data or other improvements you want to include. Enhance your application in any way you can—even in areas your reviewers did not question, for example, by adding new data. If the announcement has been reissued or updated, make sure you’re aware of new deadlines, eligibility criteria, forms, and instructions, all of which may have changed since your previous application. Our on-site scientific writing workshops can range from hours to several days in length.

Many resubmissions score better than the initial application, though of course there’s no guarantee. Your new study section sees the summary statement and expects you to make appropriate changes. June 4, Minutes: Our on-site scientific writing workshops can range from hours to several days in length. Through applicants are no longer required to mark their changes, Drs. You only have one opportunity to resubmit, so make it your best shot.

Talk to colleagues and mentors to get their take and before you decide whether to request a new study section, keeping the following points in mind:. Abutment Plague in San Francisco: You can choose to include any nuh the following information in your cover letter: Even if your resubmission scores slightly worse, that probably won’t affect the funding chances of an earlier application.

nih r01 resubmission cover letter

Update as needed to respond. Resubmission Timing If you are on a list for possible selective pay or end-of-year funding, resubmit—don’t wait to see what will happen. Abutment Plague in San Francisco: The applicants used formatting and sectioning to highlight key points and make it easier for reviews to read the text.


If you are on a list for possible selective pay or end-of-year funding, resubmit—don’t wait to see what will happen. Identifying individual changes by using brackets, indents, or change of typography in the text of Specific Aims, Research Strategy, and other application attachments is no longer required, though NIH will continue to accept applications that contain the specific mark-ups.

On this form you can:.

Writing NIH Grant Proposal Cover Letters

You must apply within 37 months of the original application’s receipt date. Did they understand the rationale for your research? Reviewers will look for their comments and check that you revised accordingly. William Faubion”Inflammatory cascades disrupt Treg function trough epigenetic mechanisms” Application from Drs.

nih r01 resubmission cover letter

Resubmissions have several unique rules. Introduction section Both applications include a summary of critiques and changes made in response.

Specify any other special areas with specific requirements e. Include any new preliminary data niu have, and strengthen the application where possible—even in areas your reviewers did not question. When one application is funded, NIH automatically withdraws the other.

You’ll still have to address reviewer critiques from the first review reesubmission though that critique came from a different study section. We can’t stress the point enough.

If you are unsure which study section is the best for your research proposal, it can be helpful to contact the CSR scientific review reeubmission of the prospective study sections or your program office because they can often provide advice on which study section would be best-suited for your proposal.


We can tailor the length to suit your needs, and we can deliver a writing workshop as a stand-alone activity or as part of scheduled meetings.

See what worked for others.

Revise and Resubmit an Application | NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

More In This Issue. You must create a one-page introduction that addresses all your reviewers’ issues that are stated in your summary statement.

nih r01 resubmission cover letter

Note the involvement of human subjects, select agents, or other areas with special requirements. Father reskbmission the NIH Kinyoun: Research Strategy Section They made the corresponding changes are described in the introduction. Have a Funding Question? Just keep resubmissio mind that you’ll still have to wait for your summary statement before you resubmit, and you may have to revise your application further based on what reviewers note.

This route is the most common one and works well when the points of contention are limited.

Writing NIH Grant Proposal Cover Letters

You aren’t limited to revising only items mentioned in the summary statement. Identify any NIH institutes or centers as an awarding component, both positively “assign to” and negatively “do not assign to”.

Scientific Grant Writing Author: But if changes are so extensive that most text would be affected, explain them in the introduction only.