Aforementioned symptoms may precede jaundice or it may never appear. Which of the following orders should be questioned by the nurse? A client with a fractured tibia has a plaster-of-Paris cast applied to immobilize the fracture. Ask the participants to give you an example of their personal philosophy that they would like to incorporate into their nursing practice. Based on the nurse’s assessment the client is in which phase of labor?

Which of the following statements would the nurse expect her to make? If the client experiences hypotension, the nurse would:. Clinical skills are less important in a home care setting than in a hospital setting. A client had a total thyroidectomy yesterday. Log In Sign Up. Formulate hypotheses and variables. Which statement is true regarding balanced skeletal traction?

A year-old male is admitted in sickle cell crisis. The basis for the claim is appropriate and timely; all elements of liability are present. The patient remains overnight but is not bed bound. The nurse is assisting the physician with removal of a central venous catheter. In which of the following types of vase can patients move to a living space, such as an apartment, while they are still physically able to care jsundice themselves, and then have access to progressively more healthcare services, as needed, as long as they live?

The answers are B and D.

newborn with jaundice case study quizlet

The nurse is assessing for signs and symptoms of bleeding. Select all that apply. The nurse is monitoring a client with a history of stillborn infants. Which of the following best describes the type of health promotion practiced by Hawaiians?


Regulation of thyroid medication is more difficult because the thyroid gland increases in size during pregnancy. A client with a history of abusing barbiturates abruptly stops taking the medication.

The registered nurse is making assignments for the day. Which of the following outcome criteria would the nurse use? Which category of medication prevents the formation of antibodies against the new organ? Preparation for an ultrasound includes:. Which of the following actions must be performed by the nurse upon discharging a patient from a healthcare agency?

Total Parenteral Nutrition is a high-glucose solution that often elevates the blood glucose levels.

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An infant who weighs 8 pounds at birth sith be expected to weigh how many pounds at 1 year? Explain how the following cultural factors may affect the interaction of a nurse iwth a patient in this situation: Which clients can be assigned to share a room in the emergency department during the disaster? Which equipment would assist the client with a total hip replacement with activities of daily living?

A schizophrenic client having visual and auditory hallucinations and the client with ulcerative colitis.

HESI Case Studies–Pediatrics-Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate (Julio Rodriquez)

The following are all nursing diagnoses appropriate for a gravida 1 para 0 in labor. Consult nursing and medical literature. The basis for the claim is appropriate and timely, and at least one element of liability is present.


newborn with jaundice case study quizlet

Note what each nurse said or did to display this attitude. To document the need for disciplinary action c.

Which action by the nurse indicates understanding of a plaster-of-Paris cast? The nurse is aware that the best way to prevent post- operative wound infection in the surgical client is to:.

The client fails to receive quizle itemized account of his bills and services received during his hospital stay. The primary reason for rapid continuous rewarming of the area affected by frostbite is to:. More complex services will be provided in the home setting. The nurse is caring for a client hospitalized with a facial stroke.

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An African American female comes to the outpatient clinic. Application of this information in a particular situation remains the professional responsibility of the practitioner; the clinical treatments described and recommended may not be considered absolute and universal recommendations. The doctor performs an amniotomy.