These changes will have to be made before the thesis is given to the chair. We would occasionally go off the beaten path and try to force our way through the thick growth of the woods where trees and thorns scratched our faces, arms, legs, and bodies. The Honors College recognizes the importance of faculty and student involvement in research and scholarship. It involves a literature review, a statement of hypotheses, use of standardized psychological tests or other measuring instruments, statistical analyses of the data, and writing of your conclusions. The chair then checks with the thesis chairs about the progress of their students. The defense is open to all members of the University community who wish to attend and will be announced via email and social media. Select a Committee Member and Critical Reader.

Please Add Menu from here. The student’s Committee Chair should submit an extension request via email to kimberly. Additionally, your Thesis Advisor or Academic Advisor may have a collection of thesis by students whom they supervised. Once you have completed your thesis, the final step is to present it at a meeting of your thesis committee. After a lot of discussion, he suggested studying the behavior of box turtles. Dates for the thesis to be submitted to the graduate office vary from semester to semester. Honors students look to change the world with student research by Darby D.

Consult with your thesis advisor before you present your thesis.

After successfully completing the above step, conduct your study and gather data. Actual presentation of your thesis at a professional meeting is not necessary prior to graduation as honogs as you have been accepted for presentation before you graduate. To this latter end, honos of the roles of the College of Graduate Studies is to evaluate the scholarly content of theses and dissertations that are submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduate degrees awarded by MTSU.


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The capstone experience of the Honors College curriculum is the thesis, conducted across two consecutive semesters. Honors students helping AdamsPlace residents with their technology needs.

Professional meetings can include the annual meetings of national e. Applicants should make a case for need, and present evidence of acceptance of proposals for presentation.

The Critical Reader only makes suggestions for revisions or changes mmtsu the proposal and is no longer involved once the proposal is approved.

You need to take into account that each place has its own procedures and time for approval may vary. It is important to choose faculty for your committee with whom you can work easily, and who are knowledgeable about your topic. A thesis project is required of every student who graduates from the University Honors College.

These items are also searchable by author, title, subject, date, or keyword. Theses and dissertations may be submitted anytime during the semester of graduation up to prkposal deadline. The defense is open to all members honrs the University community who wish to attend and will be announced via email and social media. Thesis writers are encouraged to enter this phase of thesis production during the first semester of their senior year so they have an additional semester propksal finish in the event that some extenuating circumstance thesix completion of the project.

The tutorial’s objectives include choosing and narrowing the topic, collecting a working bibliography, preliminary reading of sources, and writing the proposal. Please consult the graduate catalog for the exact dates. A thesis is a research project that you develop, implement, and write up using the format of a standard empirical research study in psychology.

The Honors College encourages creative projects as a capstone thesis. Your committee can be made up of anyone on the psychology faculty, but either the Advisor or the Committee Member must be a core Clinical Faculty Member. This unique opportunity allows students to conduct scholarly research or a creative project under the direct guidance of faculty mentors.


The Student Affairs and Travel Sub-Committee of the Graduate Council will consider applications shortly after receipt thesos awards will be made until existing funds for the semester are exhausted.

mtsu honors thesis proposal

Please Add Menu from here. Mtsh students look to change the world with student research by Darby D. Sometimes hours would pass with no turtles in sight. The Thesis Advisor is the rpoposal with whom you will work most closely.

When current students are preparing a thesis for submission, the Honors College will provide a form for the student to sign acknowledging the institutional repository as a platform for accessing the thesis online. You must provide for these costs on your own.

Decide on a hypothesis or hypotheses to test. Again, please keep in mind that your committee may most likely will require changes in your thesis.

Trailing the Illusive Box Turtle; Worth All the Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Moreover, the student and major professor should ensure format concordance with the academic discipline’s style. The applicant must be currently enrolled during the semester of travel. After meeting my Honors thesis advisor, Matt Klukowski, we soon began brainstorming about mtzu for my project.

We stopped finding a lot of turtles at the entrance of the wetlands and had to trek further and further into the field.

mtsu honors thesis proposal

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines.