Other districts like MNPS will simply not factor the test scores into student grades. Birthday party invitations may not be given out at school, unless invitations are brought for every child in the classroom. Permission slips are available in the office. Pants must be worn at the waist, no low riding or low-slung hip-huggers. Uncharacteristically good reporting by Tennessean. All outerwear such as long or over-sized raincoats and heavy cold-weather jackets or coats may not be worn in the classroom.

He left behind a mess. Please have your child check the table for their missing items. Regular attendance is extremely important! Allowing them to sleep more each day will help alleviate that debt. In science, we will be learning a lot of new content at a fast pace. Permission slips are available in the office. The principal must take prompt action to prevent future harm.

Fees Each student may be asked to purchase one or more workbooks. Of the more than 4, samples taken during the past three weeks, only 38 showed lead levels above the standard of public water homrwork 15 parts per billion — that is just less than one percent of the total tested.

If your child is spending more than that amount of time in any subject, please contact the teacher.

mnps homework policy

Students arriving between 8: Pants must not be too large or skin tight. Grades MNPS assists students and parents in monitoring student academic progress by: Joseph has released his first budget as director of schools. Thoughts, comments, questions, concerns.


Head coverings such as bandanas, scarves, sweatbands, caps, do-rags, or hairnets are not allowed. Behind those numbers are real kids with real lives — kids who deserve urgency and focus from adults. Sandals must have a strap on the heel. Researchers investigated the rate of high school students involved in car crashes in a county where high school start times were pushed back one hour. State of Tennessee 6th Grade Science Standards.

Telephone numbers, cell phones, work phone, pagers, and emergency contacts are especially important in the event of illness or emergency. Our mission is to provide a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that will allow our capable learners to perform at high standards of academic and social development.

Absolutely no sagging is allowed.

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We have given our high schools a makeover, but has that makeover really improved the achievement of our students? Elementary and middle schools need more supports in place to help close the gaps before students move on to high school. Thus they will not be factored into student grades. The achievement of high school students are more than just a problem with high schools.

I have written previously about the ACT scores of the district.

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You may visit Lentz Health Center for a health care release free of cost. A plan of action should have been put into mnpx earlier. Class Supplies and wish list.


Sonja Rosse Assistant Principal ext Most can be given conveniently before a child comes to school and then immediately after getting home in the afternoon.

mnps homework policy

Pants, shorts, skorts and jumpers must extend below fingertips. Calling outside groups or individuals to participate in fights, retaliate, or participate in other inappropriate activities on the school grounds or at school events.

Recognition Lists We are proud to honor students who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments, for example, character education awards and honor roll. Conversely, we know that good behavior should be recognized.

Students arriving between 8: Please join us for the meetings. There will be a time limit for every quiz or test.


No see-through clothing of any kind is acceptable. Their bodies have a preference to go to bed later. Infinite Campus is set up to properly adjust the hpmework of nine weeks grades in the event that no exam grade is entered. Students must be seated and ready to begin the instructional day when announcements begin at 8: