To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The lectures started with explaining what replication is and how it works in MongoDB. So we know we need to add a member to our deployment. Add two arbiters Options 1, 3, and 5 do not add a data-bearing member, therefore we can ignore them as they do not satisfy the second requirement: First, a server is brought down for maintenance once a month.

When it is done run db. Parana Impact provides you the Email List that you are exactly looking for. The shard key must be present in each document. Stop the mongod process. This week I scanned the homework assignments before I started with the lectures.

Other unique indexes are only unique on a shard.

M102: MongoDB for DBAs

You would like to ensure availability of writes during server maintenance. Increase the priority of the first server from one to two 4. They are running a single replica set with two members.

m102 week 6 homework

Finally, we cover backups and recovery. The shard key is part of an index.

Verify that the week6. Introduction and Overview Week 2: Effectively this means that only the shard key guarantees uniqueness in a sharded environment.

m102 week 6 homework

Taught by Dwight Merriman. The data on the primary is most up to date, so it makes sense it is the default for reads. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Wherever your data directory is, it is suggested that you verify that the directory is empty before m012 begin. Add another data bearing node 5. Big Data Hadoop Online Course. Note to shard a collection, you must have an index on the shard key, so you will need to create the index first: Horizontal scaling is done weei making shards of the collection that will be distributed over replication sets.


People who want to learn big datanosql mongodb, must not miss this course. The parts I’ve emboldened are actually the only bits we need to consider.

After completing this course, you should have a good understanding as to how applications are built on top of MongoDB. Thanks for sharing nice information. Bomework email address will not be published.

Muhammad Abbas – ETL & BI Professional: [Mongodb] M Week 6 Assignments

So, let’s look at the options they give us: Not that hard really, we just need to remember that arbiters are only useful in elections. Which of the following hmoework will allow you to ensure that a primary is available during server maintenance, and that any writes it receives will replicate during this time?

When it comes to sharding, it will probably be about the shard key and the implications of using a homeworl key. Then it is on to scaling out with MongoDB, including indexing, performance tuning, monitoring, and sharding.


m102 week 6 homework

One real-time data can change your entire business for good. Here is the question as written in May I would even recommend taking it if you’re a developer working with MongoDB.

Facebook Twitter Envelope Url. Considerations when pick hommework shard key are: The lectures left me with some questions and situations I like to explore in perhaps a future blog:. Perhaps to balance the load in situations where new data can eventually be consistent or stale data is permitted. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Now, restart the mongod process adding the option —shardsvr. The most interesting lecture was the one on MongoDB failover in the Node.