New housing and jobs have been created. Regenerated Bristol Harbour Much wildlife had to be relocated; 4, smooth newts, toads and common lizards as well as fish including pikes and eels were moved by the Olympic Delivery Authority. How successful was the London Docklands Redevelopment? It had one of the most deprived communities in the country, where unemployment was high and levels of health were poor. Part of the aims of the Olympics was to completely transform an area of East London that is lagging behind the rest, East London. Environmental Improvements hectares of derelict land reclaimed.

It is now known as Bristol Harbourside and contains many new functions. This is an example of regeneration. By s, the Docklands area became derelict, with few jobs, few services and poor living conditions. Five new neighbourhoods, with lots of green spaces planned in, will be built and around a third of those houses will be affordable. How has urban renewal changed over the past 30 years? The London Olympics bid was partly successful on the understanding that Stratford would be used during the games and regenerated for local people to use after the competitors had left. Environmental – the Olympic bid was partly successful on the basis of sustainability.

During recent years the dockland area has undergone a big transformation.

This legacy was to cover 4 main areas; 1. Many new roads, including M11 link. For example, dockland areas in Cardiff, London, Salford and Bristol have changed a great deal in recent years. The docks were also affected by global containerisation.

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The new transport links encouraged commercial tenants to move to Canary Wharf in the early s, despite economic uncertainties. The Olympics has helped schools in the area — there was a shortage of spaces but a new school opened in the grounds of bjtesize park.


Question 2 involves writing a short summary of how an area has changed over the past 30 years – what differences have occurred?

Potential tenants of the new office development casd Canary Wharf wanted more efficient transport links to the City and other parts of London.

Case Study: London Docklands

Many of the materials for the stadiums and the Olympic Park came from overseas The games produced 3. During Victorian times Bristol docks was an industrial area closed to the public. Containerisation meant few dockers were needed with large cranes used to lift containers from ships; 3. Transport links have been greatly improved with the new City Airport, Docklands Light Railway and new roads.

The aim of these UDCs was to regenerate inner city areas with large amounts of derelict and unuse land by taking over planning responsibility from local councils. Bristol docks in the past contained: Really Appreciate your effort as a teacher!

An increase in ship size meant they found it difficult to come down the river as docilands as the Isle of Dogs where the river wasn’t as deep. Case Study – Regeneration of the London Docklands.

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The local authorities were also faced with the problem of what to do with 5, acres of derelict riverside land. Regeneration — reuse of venues, new homes, and improved transportation. The Olympic Site was built largely on acres of brownfield land, vase that had been neglected, unused, and contaminated.

Many newspaper companies have moved out from crowded parts of Central London.

The Regeneration of the London Docklands

Later extensions to Stratford and Lewisham cxse that people living in those areas might obtain work in the City or in the regenerated docklands area – or that those with jobs might have the benefit of cheaper housing in the suburbs. Part of the aims of the Olympics was to completely transform an area of East London that is lagging behind the rest, East London.


Benefits of the Stratford regeneration Social – bymore than 10, new homes will have been built in the park. What improvements were made after ?

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A lot of new housing far too expensive for locals. The key for this unit is Legacy point 4 — urban regeneration.

london docklands case study bbc bitesize

Many new firms cse financial institutions e. Questions 3 and 4 look at actual examples of urban renewal, asking you to explain different reactions to the changes.

How has urban renewal changed over the past 30 years? Bristol Harbourside today contains: Less than 1, new council homes have been built – but there are over 25, new private flats and houses. The full Geography Department website is llndon. The aquatics centre now uses its 50m stduy as facilities for the community and schools, as well as elite athletes.

The was because traditional jobs in docks were lost manual, unskilled, unreliable and poorly paid and most housing was substandard-lacking basic amenities services e. The River Lea that runs through the Olympic Park was improved as has the quality of its water.