A full account of the incident should be submitted together with supporting evidence and an indication of which regulation or specification requirement has been broken. The school reported that the candidate had a history of aggressive antisocial behaviour. The invigilator asked the candidate to switch off the phone. GCSE Mathematics An invigilator suspected that a candidate had a mobile phone on their person which they denied. Where a conflict of interest may be seen to arise, investigations into suspected malpractice should not be delegated to the manager of the section, team or department involved in the suspected malpractice. Appendix 4 Table of offences graded according to levels of seriousness and showing appropriate ranges of penalties applied to candidates NOTE:

There were additions at the end of answers in a different coloured pen in the case of six candidates in the sample seen. They did not have a firm grasp of delivery and assessment practices within the centre and the quality assurance system, which had failed to pick up on these issues. During the examination the subject teacher entered the hall and looked at the question paper. Breakdown in management and quality assurance arrangements for some or all accredited qualifications offered by the centre. He was escorted from the examination room and the unauthorised material was removed from him. Procedures for dealing with allegations of malpractice 3.

Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments, 1 September to 31 August General Regulations for Approved Centres, 1 September to 31 August Instructions for conducting controlled assessments, 1 September to 31 August Instructions for conducting coursework, 1 September to 31 Coursewofk Instructions for conducting examinations, 1 September to 31 August Post-Results Services — Information and guidance to centres Joint Council Notices: The sketchbook had been missing for 4 days.

Alternatively, the JCQ Centre Inspection Service may be notified of the breach of regulations and may randomly, without prior warning, inspect the centre over and above the normal schedule for inspections. The head of centre will be required to make available an appropriate venue for such interviews.


jcq coursework guidelines 2013

Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care — Adults QCF The awarding body received an allegation that a centre was claiming certificates before candidates had completed all the units for the qualification. Making the decision 8. The teacher admitted to doing this. It is not necessary to inform the head of centre of this report as details of the allegation will be communicated from the awarding body. The candidate admitted breaching examination rules.

The teacher had told the centre that she was aware of all the requirements for conducting the Speaking Test. A list of the documents which contain the regulations can be found in Appendix 1. He refused to be searched and left the centre. GCE A Level English Literature The moderator reported that the candidate had copied extracts from a website into one of her two pieces of work, and had not acknowledged this in the bibliography.

In these cases the awarding body may make special arrangements to safeguard the interests of candidates who might otherwise be adversely affected.

jcq coursework guidelines 2013

No supporting evidence was provided by the college. He picked up his walkman and pushed violently past the invigilator. The candidate admitted the offence.

Exam Malpractice Guide

The other awarding bodies which have approved that centre, and the police, may also be informed. When asked by the examinations officer to surrender any phone in their possession, the candidate became extremely abusive and threatening. These measures may be applied for selected subjects or all subjects.

The teacher stated that the words said to the candidate should not have been recorded. The centre manager, who was also the internal verifier, had claimed the certificates knowing that evidence was incomplete.

Exams Office

Sanctions for centre staff malpractice — centres The centre refused to accept the work because it could not be authenticated. There were additions at the end of answers in a different coloured pen in the case of six candidates in the sample seen.


The candidate lost all of the marks gained for the component penalty 3. The candidate admitted failing to acknowledge the copied material and apologised for not having taken note of briefings on the dangers of plagiarism.

Individual responsibilities guidelinws 3. However, the candidate had signed the NVQ unit declaration of authenticity. The awarding body will consider whether that integrity might be jeopardised if an individual found to have indulged in malpractice were to be involved in the future conduct, supervision or administration of the awarding body’s examinations or assessments. A failure to co-operate with awarding body requests to investigate thoroughly suspected malpractice.

Regulations and Guidance – JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

The tutor stated that although some students had shared a computer, he was confident that all guideliines worked individually. In certain circumstances it may be necessary for the head of centre to exercise discretion, in the light of all the circumstances of the case, as to the timing and the means by which an allegation of malpractice and the supporting evidence is presented to the individual s involved.

jcq coursework guidelines 2013

In such cases communications will be with such other person nominated to investigate the matter by the relevant awarding body, such as the Chair of Governors. The awarding body agreed that there was doubt about the validity of candidate certificates previously issued via Direct Claims Status DCS and so recalled and invalidated all DCS certificates claimed since the last external verifier visits. Candidate A admitted that the work he handed in was not his.