Learners working in groups should carry out a larger, more complex activity or project that allows each person to play a separate, defined role. Limited ability to apply the skills of Enterprise when implementing a plan Limited ability to negotiate with others 1—2 Evidence at this level is likely to be brief and possibly incomplete. Comments are given to indicate where and why marks were awarded, and how additional marks could have been obtained. Although this may be considered to be a disadvantage the candidate did not clearly state why this is a problem. If no pattern can be discerned after investigation, these samples may need to be remarked. I hope that this revision site enterprise help you in your studies.

Evidence is likely to have been used to justify the points made. Cambridge igcse enterprise coursework , review Rating: This means that teachers should deliver the prescribed subject content specified in the syllabus through a planned programme of study and should explain carefully what is required of the group or individual learners. Carrying out the Enterprise project or activity 26 2. The disadvantage of a lack of expertise was not clearly explained but gave enough detail to be credited with two marks for this element of the answer. Add this document to collection s. Below is a list of what teachers can and cannot do when guiding learners on aspects of the coursework.

Carrying out the Enterprise project or activity The final activity or project should be sufficiently complex to allow all learners the opportunity to produce evidence of all of the required ifcse, for later tasks, in their portfolio. A mark of six was awarded to the response.

If no scaling is necessary, please indicate by writing a zero in this box. It is likely that learners working as a group will present different views on this.

Requirements of the syllabus In this section we recap on the exact requirements of the syllabus in relation to the coursework component Paper 2. The candidate offers some examples to illustrate how the plan had assisted the entrepreneur in decision making. Paper 1 written paper and Paper 2 coursework.

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The marks may be approved, or judged to be either: The candidate demonstrated knowledge of a number of reasons for customer retention. If they have provided evidence in the coursework that matches the requirements of the top mark band, you can then assesses whether the evidence is sufficient to award the highest marks available in the range of that top mark band.


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The candidate identified a number of informal sources of support and explained the assistance that was given in each case. Welcome Package click-to-call Where only one member of staff is involved in the delivery and assessment of this coursework component, a line manager should take responsibility for standardisation.

This can usually be resolved by asking the teacher to redistribute the candidates over a three or even four-mark range.

The disadvantage of a lack of expertise was not clearly explained but gave enough detail to be credited with two marks for this element of the answer. The individual role played by learners and their perspective on the project is assessed, not the execution of, or the success of, the project or activity itself.

The points are not fully developed to explain the importance of cash flow in ensuring the survival of an enterprise and therefore the answer lacks discussion. Reasonable attempt to analyse information before making decisions Reasonable ability to apply the skills of Enterprise to the planning of a project or activity Communication is reasonable suitable for the audience or purpose Reasonable knowledge of Enterprise concepts and terminology 11—14 To gain a mark at this level, there is likely to be some evidence of an attempt at both the tasks required.

It is expected that these statements will itemise details such as: Planning the project or activity Action Plan a A summary of the project or activity chosen b The skills that the candidate believes are important for entrepreneurs to possess, and an evaluation of the extent to which the candidate believes that they possess these skills c Evidence of the ways in which a problem or need was identified and researched by the candidate, including the sources used questionnaires, internet, brainstorming, etc.

Cambridge igcse enterprise coursework

It is important that learners record the progress of each activity against the criteria of the action plan so that they can evidence the results of their monitoring for Task 3. The initials of the teacher may be used to indicate group or set. Each point was developed to show the emterprise that such customers could have upon the enterprise.


igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

This will provide important support for their final evaluation of the success of the project and its implementation. Signatures Teacher 1 Witness: The candidate has gained 19 To improve the work the candidate should provide more detailed supporting evidence for the financial plan such as evidence of research into the costs of raw materials or equipment. The remaining work in the sample will reflect the whole range of marks awarded.

Please note that a small fee is required for each application. Therefore there should be an opportunity to: Administration of coursework Section 3: Our over-riding aim is to ensure that each student, whatever their ability, should reach their full potential.

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Section 3 of this guide provides additional guidance on the quality of work expected for each task. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Candidates are required to apply their knowledge of enterprise and entrepreneurship to comment on enterprise issues, and to solve enterprise problems in the context of the case study, organisations they have studied and their own enterprise.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

Two marks were available for application without analysis, and sxemplar candidate was awarded two marks. When the process is at an end, the internal Moderator should make sure that all the amendments to the marks are recorded on the Coursework Assessment Summary Form and that these are the final marks to be recorded enterpris the individual coursework submissions and on the mark sheets as well as being those that are submitted to Cambridge.

Learners should refer back to the Action Plan completed in Task 2.