There was a very limited attempt to apply the information to decision-making through a brief statement that records will help to see where they went wrong. The Centre should select a few experienced teachers who are known to be reliable assessors , and who can meet in order to assess the marking of each set in turn. All work submitted must be clearly identified, and should include the following details: Ideally this card should be filled in after each assessment is completed during the course and maintained as a record, rather than being filled in retrospectively at the end of the course. Complete any other sections of the form required. Evidence to be used in discussion:

Learners should refer back to the Action Plan completed in Task 2. For example, research can involve not only investigating printed matter and people;s opinions UV – Enterprise in the Hair and Beauty Sector. However, one or more key points may have been missed. This will provide important support for their final evaluation of the success of the project and its implementation. The third method identified, radio, was not on its own a method of communication.

The candidate should refer to reaching the potential market, attracting and retaining customers. To provide sufficient evidence of their work learners are required to complete and submit evidence for the following four tasks. Enterprise Web Content Management that helps your budget go further.


Igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

Limited enterptise to apply the skills of Enterprise when implementing a plan Limited ability to negotiate with others 1—2 Evidence at this level is likely to be brief and possibly incomplete. The learner must produce a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their work which is then assessed by the Centre at the end of the course. Please note that a small fee is required for each application.


The attempts to explain how these sources of support assisted enterprises eexmplar both unclear. This could include comment on the suitability of the channels used, the flow, speed and accuracy of communication enterrpise etc. The Centre should select a few experienced teachers who are known to be reliable assessorsand who can meet in order to assess the marking of each set in turn. Requirements of the syllabus The candidate offers some examples to illustrate how the plan had assisted the entrepreneur in decision making.

The answer was not clearly applied to the enterprise project and there was no exemplqr of the impact that accurate records would make.

Coursework Training Handbook (Part 1): Guidance

You’re Reading a Free Preview Download. Identifying a suitable project or activity Formal report Approximately words Topics 2. Learners study music of all styles; each style is placed in its historical and cultural context, and they are encouraged to be perceptive, sensitive and critical when listening. The work presented may perhaps be in written note form rather than in the formats requested. The presentation of the action plan and financial plan or marketing communications may be unclear and inappropriate for the subject matter.

Cambridge igcse enterprise coursework

Cambridge reserves the right to ask for further samples of Coursework. The points are not fully developed to explain the importance of cash flow in ensuring couesework survival of an enterprise and therefore the answer lacks discussion.

The work will contain some relevant Enterprise-related terms and concepts. This flexibility is to allow learners the opportunity to include material which is most appropriate enterpruse their individual Enterprise project. Complete the information at the head of the form.


Each individual must be able to demonstrate their own role in the activity or project. Sign up for our newsletter. The candidate made no attempt to explain why these were suitable objectives for the enterprise discussed in the case study. A maximum of nine marks was available for a one-sided evaluation and this candidate was awarded a mark of ten.

Cambridge will eexmplar a list of candidates whose work is required for external moderation. Task 3 — implementing the plan Learners must submit two pieces of work: All four marks were awarded.

There was no attempt to explain how the skill of calculated risk taking could have improved their success. To gain credit the candidate needed to be precise and identify that taking calculated risks is an entrepreneurial skill.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

There may be attempts to both use the evidence to draw a conclusion, and to justify any recommendations igccse improvement even if unsuccessful. The evidence is supported by a witness statement. Analysis of the impact of record keeping was shown through explanations of how the records helped the entrepreneurs to make appropriate decisions and could help to avoid arguments with customer over debts. They must consciously steer away from any element of subjectivity, based on their knowledge of the candidate and their expectation of how well the candidate should perform.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

Appendix Evidence used to form the basis of the evaluations.