Make all the selection as shown and then click OK. Supply the following information to the Pressure Estimates page. Recovery is usually done to: Double-click on the Expander button on the Object Palette. HYSYS can model a wide range of different column configurations. There is another option, but it requires a little forethought. On the Exported Connections Page, you have a number of options for the default values connected with the template when you import it as a sub-flowsheet.

We’d like to convert this case into a template. There is another option, but it requires a little forethought. After the input information and operating unit model were set-up, up, the process steady state simulation simulation was successfully executed by the simulator as shown in Figure 4. Meaning, we need to supply four information in order to fulfill the requirement for HYSYS to start its calculations. Similarly, Figures 8 and 9 followed the same trend as above. Define the inlet and outlet conditions for the streams as given in the problem statement.

hysys simulation case study

HYSYS has been used for research and development in universities and colleges for hysts years. Repeat the above procedures by replacing pressure with temperature of oC. Defining components list and fluid package 2.

The integrated steady state and dynamic modeling capabilities, where the same model can be evaluated from either perspective with full sharing of process information, represent a significant advancement in the engineering software industry.

The optimized case showed improvements in production of 1. Double-click on the Heat Exchanger button on the Object 8.4. Component lists can be stored out separately from the Fluid Packages as completely defined entities for use in any simulation. Run the simulation and see how the column dimension and exit concentration of CO2 have studh.


Thus, the stabilized crude contained traces of light components which gave rise to lower RVP conducive for safe storage at atmospheric condition. Caee two people do want to work on the simulation at the same time, you have to use Save As to make a copy and then there is no way to recombine the work, so one person’s changes must all be scrapped or laboriously transferred over to the other file at the end.

hysys 8.4 case study

Name all streams as shown in the Figure These can be attributed to decreased in heat flows of heaters 1, 2 and 3 from a high bound of 3. The dynamic rating method is available as either a Basic or Detailed model, and can also be used in Steady State mode for Heat Exchanger rating.

PUMP 37 Figure The heat exchanger is capable of solving the temperatures, pressures, heat flows including heat loss and heat leakmaterial stream flows, and UA. By default, this hypo is placed in HypoGroup1. The objective of this column is to produce a bottom product that has a ratio of ethane to propane of 0.

studj Next, click Insert button then Variable Navigator view displays as shown in Figure Then click on Parameters. Still on the Reactions tab, click the Add Set button. The gas is at atm and oC. To add the Molar Volume or other variables, go to the Workbook menu and click Setup.

hysys 8.4 case study

Maximize liquid recovery when liquid products are more valuable than gas. The conversion appears in the Reactor Results Summary table. So if you need to pass a stream from a flowsheet using PR to one using Antoine or vice versa, it becomes important to decide which pair hysyw parameters should be used to flash the stream on the other side.


hysys 8.4 case study

In the picture the Equilibrium reactor is active and the Gibbs reactor is Ignored, but it can be switched easily. The optimization equation is presented in equation 1.

Note that only the components that 88.4 specified in the simulation basis manager will appear in this list. The first generalization of the ideal gas law was the van der Waals equation of state: You must ensure that you do not enable too many of the solution options or inconsistencies may result.

hysys simulation case study

A stuey study on the effects bysys changing the flash drum pressure in the vapour Process Simulation and Optimization of Crude Oil Figure Since you do not know the structure of the hypothetical component and you are modeling a mixture, the Structure Builder will not be used. Once the analysis finished, click Results to view the result. From the simulation basis manager Figureselect the Fluid Pkgs tab.

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