Students will learn how to think about strategic behavior for example, markets with a small number of firms, or negotiating trade agreements among a small number of countries. Professor — Texas UT Economics. The course will cover the demand and supply theories for competitive markets, some instances of market power, basics of the game theory, choice under uncertainty, and equilibrium in an exchange and production economy. Most weeks I will also be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Review from a student who took ECO K Hickenbottom is a tough professor, and demands too much for an intro level class. Depending on where the breaks in the total points occur, some years I have given quite a few “A’s” but a fairly large number of “D’s”. He assigns a homework that’s due every other week, and lets you do it with your friends so they’re super easy.

The 1st midterm will be on October 23rd and the 2nd midterm will be November 20th. I choose not to do that for two reasons: We will definitely cover some or all of chapters and possibly 17 if time permits. I enjoy Micro with Hickenbottom quite a lot. He’s pretty easy, if you do your reading, and your work, you’ll do just fine. In summary, your homework needs to be in my hand, or be time stamped at the Department of Economics office and placed in my box before 1: He assigns a homework that’s due every other week, and lets you do it with your friends so they’re super easy.

Your worst homework score will be dropped. This, of course, includes your phone.

Wayne R Hickenbottom

The class is well organized. I am VERY strict on this point.


Oral arguments will not be incorporated into the decision-making process. This class uses ideas and concepts taught in introductory economics to analyze homewrk role of government in a free market economy and explain the behavior of agents interacting with, and working for that government. Most of the material on midterms and the final will be problems.

Super boring lecture, and extremely difficult tests, time is everything on hjckenbottom. We will cover choice under uncertainty, intertemporal choice, choice in a strategic environment and behavioral finance.

hickenbottom ut homework

Catch me before class, after class, or send hickenbottok with times that work for you. The information provided on this site is protected by U.

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He post all his PowerPoints on BlackBoard with fill in the blanks so the Lecture is a bit more interactive. On the day of an exam, try to bring only your writing implement and a simple calculator.

If you know you will not be able to make it to class to turn in work, or think you will not be able to get to class on time you have 3 options: Microeconomics specifically deals with how agents in an economy make decisions: His voice is kind of annoying and lectures are boring. We will start by looking at the fundamental view of government as a microeconomic entity and issues associated with group decision-making.

It must be time stamped before 1: Your homework grade will consist of the sum of your best five homeworks. Sends out emails about the hw, but fails to send them out in a timely manner. An “A” is worth 4.


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Providing such an outline is common in many homewirk. There are a variety of sources for problems to practice, including, but not limited to, the textbook, myeconlab, material from the SI sections, and past exams. If your email with The University is not current, you will not be getting general email announcements from me.

hickenbottom ut homework

Good delivery Class not too difficult Made the material interesting. Those will be the key to making a B. What appears on Blackboard will be your raw score. Graphing calculators and any calculators that are capable hicknbottom storing alphabetic characters are prohibited on test days. Even if you did give up socializing for the sake of making it through this course, getting an A would be highly unlikely.

I will assign final grades based on the following criteria: This information is provided exclusively for the personal and academic use of students, instructors and other university personnel.

Wayne Hickenbottom

The syllabus, assignments, and other class documents will also be posted on Blackboard. The tests are pretty much like the HW so if you can do the HW then the test should be pretty simple. However, you should use the book, and gomework for that matter, in a way that is useful to you. Other than that good class. Contribute to UTLife by writing a Review!