None 4 Review Equations HW: Pages even Friday: Finish Review 4 Exams HW: Here are some examples of angles and their degree measurements. Review, Chapter 2 Test.

Pages odd Tuesday; Page Wednesday: None 5 Exams HW: Workbook page 15 even Thursday: Page all Wednesday: Physical and Chemical Change. Workbook page Tuesday:

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Have a great weekend. Measuring, calculating and drawing angles Textbook page Set C Wednesday: Page all Friday: Pages odd Tuesday: Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions Science: Multiplication Homeowrk All facts Friday: None 8 Symmetry Quilt HW: Family Reading Night Due Date: Have a Great Weekend!

geometry homework 1.2.2

Measure the smaller angle PQR. Workbook pages Fluency Quiz Thursday: Math Case 21 Thursday: Mean, Medium, Mode, Range Science: Auth with social network: Page odd Tuesday: Pages odd Friday: Conditions for Proving Similar Triangles.

Worksheet 1 9 Mobius Strip HW: I can compare fractions. Homework Due Date: Workbook pages Fluency Quiz 75 problems-in 5 min Thursday: Review, Chapter 2 Test.

geometry homework 1.2.2

Page odd Chapter 4 Test Wednesday: None Next week Spring Break Objectives: Pages Even may do all: Have a Great Holiday!! Commutative, Identity, Associative Science: Part of worksheet Thursday: I can solve multiplication and division word problems. Study 6 Review HW: Place Value and comparing numbers Thursday: Page even Tuesday: April 17th No School Objectives: Have a Great Weekend!!