I dressed in local garb and found it to be more comfortable and sensible than western clothes. Keep in mind that engagement with the community in the host county is an important criterion in selection as the primary purpose of the Fulbright Program is to encourage mutual understanding between people from the U. A free writing process will help you sort through your experiences and narrow your focus to two or three central issues or experiences you can use to frame and anchor your essay. If you want to grab hold of the fella who has to read tons of these essays, the price is that you MUST reveal something personal. My parents were both Peace Corps volunteers who had travelled around the world and shared their experiences with me. Share on Facebook Share. How will you carry this experience forward with you into your life after the grant, and how will it lead you towards your future plans?

By my second year, I was coordinating computer labs and training the new computer staffs at 4 schools in my area. Your future plans Be confident here: Despite the basic lifestyle, Gambia turned out to host a rich culture. This is the world into which I was thrust by Peace Corps, and this is also the world I grew to call my home. If you are self-studying, list specific names of resources you are using. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I was never good at following rules.

With these goals in mind, I have set out to begin the process that will bring computers to schools and with it — better science education.

Sample personal essay that won me the Fulbright in 2003

Focus on achieving fluency in conversation? An interesting Fulbrighy account, a vibrant Twitter presence, or a personal blog on a topic you are passionate about is 10 times more compelling to me than your course load. Your summer lifeguarding job does not need five bullet points. Boren Fellowship Application Stqtement Instead, tell us the kinds of things you learned. They also said there was a strict rule against proposals that crossed into multiple countries, and yet I applied for THREE countries, and got approved in all three.


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Tips for Polishing Your Fulbright ETA Application | ProFellow

I was going to become a chemist, a professor, and teach. As you are finishing up your personal statement, be sure you have answered the big question: Really perslnal essay, thanks for posting it. My interest in international development began when I joined the Peace Corps.

fulbright personal statement eta examples

Have the rules changed since ? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: My students were living on a dollar a day; other teachers with whom I worked were earning less than five dollars a day despite being considered professional educators.

I am in the process of applying for a Fulbright, and the rules are that the personal statement has to be one page single spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. What have you learned from your extracurricular or work experiences, and how have those experiences contributed to your growth?

Rather, it should provide the committee with a snapshot of yourself that connects to why you want to pursue this particular Fulbright in the country you have chosen. Log In Sign Up.

fulbright personal statement eta examples

Abstract Like a research proposal, the abstract is a summary of the main points exsmples your application. You have to remember that more than half of the decision is exciting political figureheads in the host countries, and in they all really cared about the Internet and statmeent themselves against their peers.


I urge him and everyone to take a narrative or conversational approach to writing your personal statements, like my example below. My story begins in Peace Corps.

Tips for Polishing Your Fulbright ETA Application

I lived for four years in Paris, France when I was in grade school. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Step back and think: I frequently read lines like: Immersive study abroad, or classes taken entirely in the foreign language? Previously, all my experiences were in developed countries.

Sample personal essay that won me the Fulbright in – ChewyChunks

I relate to your story and feel moved by it, so thank you for the inspiration to write a personal statement of my own. Host country engagement This is an opportunity to expand on your proposed host country engagement, whether or not your country requires a side project. Why grant me a Fulbright? Perhaps you consume media TV shows, movies, news, etc. Have they discovered new ways to make a living? I loved working with the Moroccan farmers in helping feed their families, but I also longed for a way to feed my own passions for books, literature, and writing.

Personal statement time sarah’s mba journey.

fulbright personal statement eta examples