The primary aim is to attract investments in irrigation system at field level, development and expand cultivable land in the country, enhance ranch water use in order to minimize wastage of water, enhance crop per drop by implementing water saving technologies and precision irrigation. However, to avail the option of cheque, or debit card facility in this scheme, one needs to have a minimum balance of INR So if you are the in higher bracket of the tax slab — you pay a tax at that higher rate on the interest income too! There on will be more people engaged in agriculture and production will be increased as they would be provided with many more facilities. I believe the KVP maturity amount will be credited to Post office savings account or Bank account only.

I can’t do work properly in pressure. Pankaj Garg Oct At the time of independence, there were 23, Post Offices, which were primarily in urban areas. Since the marks are calculated in But our job is to objectively look at the features of this instrument and prepare for interviews — get a job — get the salaries and then think about investing in KVP!

Essay on kisan vikas patra

This was a very popular financial product among the lower and middle income group. Here are some agricultural schemes initiated by our Govt. Post Office Vokas reserved the government the exclusive right to convey letters in the nation of the East India Company.

essay on kisan vikas patra

Vukas under some pressure the performance will increased but after some it’s graph decreases. Retrieved from ” https: International Money Transfer through collaboration with Western Union financial services, USA, which enables remittance of money from countries to India.

A loan can also be drawn against this deposit after the 3rd financial year. Sir my score in ibps po 4 is 83 in general category and my interview marks may be in between 60 to 70 what is the selection chances please tell me.


Kisan Vikas Patra Yojna (KVPY) – Features & Benefits

Post Office has been involved in multifaceted functions and apart from delivering mails and saving schemes, it also deals in retail services like bill collection, sale of forms etc. Published on Wednesday, April 25, Vokas am extremely perturbed by the social issues concerning India. The volume of mail doubled between andand again between and There will be special measures for the soil to increase the soil production. Facalities offered by Indian Postal Department are: So in the year, the KVP matures the entire interest amount will be added up to your income and accordingly taxed.

Under this scheme, the Govt. It not only provided for uniform rates and routes but for the uniform designs and other specifications of the postmarks for each category of post office.

Role of Post Office in Financial Inclusion. The Post Office also had its own battalion comprised entirely of postal staff: Min duration is 30 months, You can withdraw after this period only. No cash payment will be made.

Essay on kisan vikas patra

There was a victory issue infollowed shortly by a first Dominion issue. The adhesive stamps were introduced on October 1, on all India basis.

Plus there is a lock-in period of 2 years and 6 months — that is during this period en-cashing is not allowed; thus KVP can be redeemed after 30 months and then after every 6 essau hence.

Instead, it means that the invested amount will be used for the welfare programs aimed at the farmers of the country. Follow us on Telegram. This includes various post office savings schemes, postal life insurance, mutual fund, money remittance, forex services etc.


The Treasury had been heavily drained by the huge costs of the war and the government needed to raise extra revenue by all possible means. The amount Principal invested in Kisan Vikas Patra would get doubled in months.

Post Office Savings Bank which was establish with an objective of encouraging saving habit and thrift among om masses has now become a medium of mobilizing a huge amount of funds. Rahul Saini Yes, as the bank exams are enlarging the syllabus of general awareness day by day.

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essay on kisan vikas patra

The Indian Post starts Postal Life Insurance in the year as a welfare scheme for the employees of the Post and Telegram Department due to huge demand of the scheme latter on kizan was opened for employees of other departments and finally in the year it was opened for all people. Many of the recipients lost their lives in the act that gained them the medal. The standard national postage rate of one esssay for letters had stood for 75 years and was carefully left in June when postage was raised by a half penny.

If an interviewer ask this question definitely what I’m saying is I can do work in pressure also because in that period if we get achievements those are helpful in my career if I defeat those are help to achieve success, and this is also show our patience and kisam attitude. Please log in again.