Senanayke built the Senanayake Tank and he also renovated many ancient tanks and provided facilities to the people for agricultural purposes. Adults also do sports. In the quarters were shifted to “the pagoda at Botale, a place suited for assaults, with great loss to the enemy”. Two more neurosurgeons from India and Pakistan had reached Colombo, it was too late. A keen horticulturist, he grew orchids and would typically ware an orchid in the lapel of his suit. Terrorism has come back to Sri Lanka. Charnika, a senior journalist is a member of the D.

He would be up at the crack of dawn on this day to personally call up all in the DSSMS committee to check on all the arrangements for the remembrance function. Fight for independence D. My mother thinks it is quite a challenging job for a girl. Senanayake had two brothers and one sister. You will be happy and gain a thorough knowledge about the rules in different games.

There was nothing at all. Her favourite colour is pink.

ds senanayake essay

One day a boy came and bought me. I study in the Sinhala Medium. The exam was held throughout the week starting on March 28 and ending on April 1. It has many beautiful flower gardens, rivers, waterfalls and jungles.


On the morning of Friday, 21 MarchSenanayake took his usual pre-breakfast ride on Galle Face Greena short distance from his official residence Temple Trees. Next I wrote the Maths paper. He joined his brother D. Foreign Ministers of Sri Lanka. I love all the teachers. Pilgrims get the opportunity to view diverse varieties of orchids and other flowers which grow in the wild.

Some do it as a hobby and some do it to develop their career in sports.

Daily Mirror – D.S. Senanayake: The Father of the Nation

I am in Grade 1 E. He was admitted to the Central hospital Colombo where he died several hours later. My teachers are Bandara teacher and Nilanga teacher. All the papers were very easy but the Sinhala Language paper was a little bit difficult for me.

ds senanayake essay

Senanayake, who was 68, was thrown from his horse early on 21 March, and taken unconscious to hospital. Those at the helm of affairs in the country are trying to cover up their sinful delinquencies, now being exposed, by prais. It starts at 7.

D. S. Senanayake | prime minister of Ceylon |

The flight was cancelled. Senanayake presented the Soulbury Constitution to the State Council which voted it in with only three votes against it. I was screaming with all my might. Renovation of sites of historic importance in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa took place at this time. For the entrepreneur and philanthropist, see Don Spater Senanayake.


He developed Ceylon’s post-independence foreign policy, establishing formal relations with foreign nations. Terrorism has come back to Sri Lanka.

D. S. Senanayake

Obeyesekere and Albert de Alwis, senanajake turn. But it was D. We must help our teachers whenever we can. The education he had with Warden Buck and subsequently with Warden Stone, nurtured his inherent qualities which were reflected in later life. This was the most enjoyable part of my trip. The Senanayakes of Botale were rooted to the land but Don Spater saw possibilities in mining plumbago graphite for which there was a growing demand in Europe, the United States and Japan.

I am happy that I got good marks for all the subjects and showed my teachers that I have learnt what they have taught us. He was followed by J.