Well, this turned out very long! How far along are you on your kappa? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I gave up my work address as the delivery address, and when the printer contacted me that the thesis was printed, I dropped them a pin on google maps and kindly asked them to call me when they are there, and I picked them up. Demands on the impartiality and objectivity of the Examination Board members and opponents are extremely high. Cortical dynamics of speech perception in adverse listening conditions.

General supplies provided by the department. I found that the chat function on the KI library website works really well, and you get answers immediately. It may well vary between institutions, of course, but I think the Canadian system is rare in the US. The quest for consistency: In my case, it was in fact a coauthor whose lab I had worked in. Choose something inexpensive but meaningful and personal. Consider also that the opponent will present before you — they might have already have basic concepts, techniques, and some of your findings in their slides, so allow some flexibility in your own presentation.

dissertation opponent karolinska

Proceedings may not be concluded until all questions and discussion points from the opponent, Examination Board and the public have been exhausted. The printing shop will print a test copy provtryck for you to check. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The form itself has all the info you need, what to write in opponeny different sections etc, but it might be useful to clarify some things.

Apply for public defence of your thesis

ImmunosensationBlog The young investigators’ science blog. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The main supervisor determines in dialog with the assistant supervisors when a thesis is ready for examination.


So, I figured there are probably more of us out there, freaking out about the ins and outs of the application process, and I decided it could be useful to write a guide based on my own experience. This is in your interests, as such demands help to prevent subsequent allegations of irregularities.

You are commenting using your Google account. While it is still fresh on my mind, I would like to share some jarolinska from my own dissertation experience this year.

The day before the defence, I gave a seminar in the host department as one does. I will do that one day kadolinska too expensive at the kraolinska.

I find it formidable to start writing kappa, how do Disaertation do it? This means that there must exist a common understanding between the main supervisor, opponent and evaluation committee in that all involved persons have made up their minds to the informal decision to pass the thesis before the formal proposition of the public defense is submitted to faculty.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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Start planning way ahead, and include time for things to go wrong! Credits for courses and other activities: Interesting post and thank you for sharing you experience. If the committee finds that not all relevant fields are covered, they might ask you to switch board members, and this means you lose time. Dynamics of cortical brain activity during movie viewing. Brain correlates of social cognition and interaction. Each respondent has carried out a pre-defense, or a similar dress rehearsal for the defense, to which an opponent is assigned.

Two documents — Support for writing the thesis and Guidelines for writing a compilation thesis summary chapter — have been produced to help students write their thesis frames.


dissertation opponent karolinska

One advantage on using another senior staff member as chairman is that this person can cut the disseration short as necessary, without being accused of trying to protect the respondent. Once the chairperson has made sure that the opponent and members of the Examination Board are present when the public defence is due to begin, he or she leads proceedings.

Besides the date, you also need to discuss the list of potential opponent, examination board, and chairman — they have to be enquired for opponnent. Do not cram all your results, but only highlight important findings. According to the Administrative Procedure Act, conflict of interest refers to any circumstances in which a member of a decision-making body engaged in a discussion about or the presentation of specific material can be assumed to lack objectivity of opinion.

Or had misunderstood it, or missed a major issue? Technically the filling out of the form is done by your supervisor, often it is done together.

Many project groups often produce original papers kzrolinska several co-authors. For me, a non-Swede with no family here, around 60 copies is a good number.

Again, allow for contingency: In case the links break, the main link for all forms is this one. As stated above, the procedure varies between universities in Sweden and at the Karolinska Institutet we let the opponent start with an overview of the field for dissegtation, then the respondent gives an overview of the articles included in the thesis.