Now for the harder part: Double-space all material – including footnotes, references, and tables. Authors are also expected to provide whatever other material is needed to ensure that their results can be replicated this might include code or pseudo-code used in estimation. Section headings are denoted in bold and subsection headings, in italics. It is understood that in cases where the data are proprietary or confidential authors cannot fully satisfy this policy.

After your manuscript is accepted the corresponding author will be required to accept a mandatory license to publish agreement. Double-space all material – including footnotes, references, and tables. Upon acceptance and in keeping with evolving policies at other top economics journals, authors are expected to submit their datasets and associated documentation perhaps in a readme file , for readers to download from the AJAE website. Normally figures do not carry footnotes to specific items within the figure. All other authors publishing in American Journal of Agricultural Economics can use the following Creative Commons licenses for their articles: Publication Process Submitting and peer review.

Do not use et al. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Pre-publication in working paper series is allowed where submission to the working paper series is prior to acceptance by the Journal. All citations should appear in the text and lettfr the authors name and year, with page numbers when necessary; text citations should omit any comma or other punctuation between the author name and the year of publication.

Number footnotes consecutively throughout the article, not page by page. Provide issue number whenever possible and always for journals that do not number pages sequentially through complete volumes e. Upon receipt of accepted manuscripts at Oxford Journals authors will be invited to complete an online copyright license to publish form.


Type all footnotes, double-spaced, on a separate page following the article. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. If you do not select the open access option, your paper will be published with standard subscription-based access and you will not be charged.

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The working paper version should NOT be updated after acceptance by the Journal. The AJAE posts supplementary appendix material for published articles on the Oxford University Press Lettter website with the links to the supplementary material appearing adjacent to the link for the article to make availability to readers convenient and reliable.

Capitalize only the first letter of the first word. Omit a period at the end of the legend. Authors are encouraged to comply with all of this policy, but the editors would prefer partial compliance over non-compliance. American Journal of Agricultural Economics does not accept papers that have been previously published elsewhere with the exception of working papers series.

Please ensure these research wjae do not identify the researchers or authors by name or institution. Annual net sales of Mississippi catfish farmers, Please refer to the instructions in the “Welcome to Oxford Journals” email.

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Oxford Open articles are published under Creative Commons licenses. Auth with social network: Each table and figure must have a legend, i. Double-space all material and omit vertical rules in tables. In order to meet your funding requirements authors are required to name their funding sources in the manuscript. If the paper involves several coauthors, each coauthor is required to submit a separate disclosure statement.


Keep equations to a minimum. Instructions to Authors of Invited Papers.

Author Guidelines

Style Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. Cove your article is accepted for publication, OUP will contact you using the email address you have used in the registration process. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

You agree to notify OUP immediately if your details change. Submit too many papers to the same journal.

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Tables and Figures Place each table and figure on a separate page at the end of the paper. When an article is published, these appendices will be posted as separate Online Supplementary Materials, but during review please append all lettter appendices to the manuscript itself to facilitate review by reviewers.

Footnotes to Text Number footnotes consecutively throughout the article, not page by page.

Keep manuscripts as short and focused as possible.