The water is crystal clear and is in its purest form Nothing can be compared to trekking through beautiful landscapes. You can see this waterfall if you stop a while on your way to Haputale and detour. Bambarakanda — Waterfalls, Mountains, adventure and scenic beauty. Lakpura LLC Sit back relax and enjoy your holiday to the very best. Donec accumsan malesuada orcidonec sitmet eros lorem isum dolor amet incon. Newer Post Older Post Home. Fountains of the area.

During this period the chance of rain is very low but water is plentiful in streams and waterfalls. The water falls down from a high rock on to others and adds beauty to this fall. Bambarakanda waterfall is the tallest waterfall of Sri Lanka and is in Haldummulla. The months between November to February tend to have heavy rains; making it difficult to get close enough for viewing. You can get quite close to these giant squirrels as they are so used to the visitors Copyright Lakdasun. There is a steep and slippery 50m descent here that can be taken to get to the edge of the pool.

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bambarakanda waterfall essay

This is the Crest of Bambarakanda Falls. Bambarakanda has a trail available for interested hikers to climb to the top of the falls. The up thrust millions of years ago has caused several peneplains to form, the highest being well over ft. The area around Bambarakanda is rich with scenic beauty, rugged terrain, waterfalls, waterfsll fields and cool climate making it an attractive destination for nature lovers.


bambarakanda waterfall essay

Nothing can be compared to trekking through beautiful landscapes. Popular Posts Bambarakanda Ella. Directory Nature Water Falls. Easy Trail Head TH: Situated in the steep pine forested slopes of Badulla District, a mere 5m from the A4 highway; Nambarakanda originates from Kuda Oya, a branch of the Walawe River.

Adipiscing elit maurise pharetra magna accumsan. The weather in the area is quite dynamic and thick mist is not uncommon in the afternoons Base pool of Lanka Ella falls.

Bambarakanda Ella

Be the first to review this listing! This section is a somewhat intense climb with hairpin turns through the pine forest, until the edge of the wooded area is reached. Lanka ella falls, Uduwara falls, waterfall on top of Bambarakanda falls and Nagadowa falls.

Bambarakanda bambatakanda — Windows opening to the breath-taking view of Bambarakanda falls. Bambarakanda — Waterfalls, Mountains, adventure and scenic beauty.

bambarakanda waterfall essay

Pass over a bridge before a light climb through a patch of pines. As the tallest falls in the island, Bambarakanda has a vertical height of m feet ; and is ranked th amongst the tallest waterfalls of the world.

Bambarakanda Waterfall, Uva, Sri Lanka

Rainfall sends a large volume of water hurtling down the precipitous edges of the highland exsay. There is a natural pool complex at the base of the falls; where you can also bathe before your meal, if you decide on a picnic.

Amongst the majestic mountains of Kalupahana in the Central Highlands; leaps the beautiful horsetail waterfall of Bambarakanda Ella. Best months to visit Bambarakanda are from March through May. No Things to Note: They are also beautiful but not taller and famous as Bambarakanda. Not to forget one of the frequent visitors to Bambarakanda rest. Scenic outlook on Lanka Ella trail from Bambarakanda rest.


Bambarakanda Falls

The area is a great spot for photography and picnics. Bambarakanda Rest — A basic eco-Lodge Look for more accommodation options in the area at Lakdasun forum accommodation options board. Travelling to this place is not easy as to the other falls of Sri Lanka.

Situated in the hill town of Kalupahana near Haldumulla in the south eastern slopes of central hills. A Horsetail Fall descends a very nearly vertical rock face, maintaining some contact with it. About the author admin had written 8 articles for Inspiration Blog Donec accumsan malesuada orcidonec sitmet eros lorem isum dolor amet incon. Bambarakande is taller than the famous Diyaluma falls which is only metres but thought to be the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. June to September tends to be a dry season in the area; and the falls get much less water.