Exploring background information about your topic idea can help you find out if your topic is something you want to write about and if there is enough information you can use for a research paper. Professor Joseph is the author of several books including Race, Religion, and the Haitian Revolution: The history of relations between Christianity—both Protestant and Catholic—and Vodou in Haiti is marked by a high degree of combativeness, hostility, and discomfort. Vodou and Other Religions: Unfortunately, the Westernized Jesus has been used in the past both in the tragic times of slavery and Western colonization as a tool to make people suffer, to humiliate non-European people, and dehumanize the image of God in humanity. You must have at least 10 concepts. A thesis statement sets the tone for the whole paper.

As a work of intellectual history, the book investigates the intersections of religious ideas, secular humanism, and development within the framework of Roumain’s public intellectualism and cultural criticism embodied in his prolific writings. The conundrum of the Haitian public intellectual—both in Haiti and the Diaspora—is also his failure to mentor young Haitian scholars and thinkers. He is not interested in forging a constructive politics of relationality with those who live in the margins of the Haitian society. In the same line of reasoning, there are at least five major reasons accounting for the Black preference to be educated and formed in non-Evangelical and conservative schools:. Professor Joseph also holds an M.

Here is an example: Soyinka on Religion and Human Solidarity: Identify a research topic Explore background information Identify key concepts and terms Identify available information Develop a thesis statement Revise thesis statement, if necessary Create timeline for project.

It seeks to demonstrate that religion pervades every aspect and dimension of the African experience. It tells the esway what the paper will discuss and provides a focus for your research. The death penalty is administered unfairly across racial lines and should be discontinued.

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African Methodist Episcopal Church more. We are committed to enhancing the life of the mind This essay suggests that Black African theological anthropology and theological ethics have a strong foundation on the Ubuntu moral virtues and ethical principles that promotes human flourishing and a life in solidarity within the framework of the community and a symbiotic relationship between God, the community, and the individual.


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Exploring background information about your topic idea can help you find out if your topic is something you want to write about and if there is enough information you can use for a research paper. Timeline for Your Project A large project, such as a research paper, is better tackled one piece at a time.

Write these down; they will be useful when you start your research. You also need to consider the requirements of your research assignment. Foreign Policyand Solidarity.

Activity Using the Assignment Calculator at the University of Minnesotacreate a timeline for your project and turn it in to your instructor by the due date. Make sure that your thesis statement is a complete sentence; remember that your readers will never see the research question you are answering, only your thesis statement.

argumentative essay irsc

The purpose is simply to provide information without analysis or opinion. Reviews of my Books.

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Fourth, Black theological liberalism draws from argumentattive wealth of sources and traditions for theological reflection and imagination, and the Bible is not its sole authority in matters of faith and practice. The death penalty acts as an effective deterrent for crime, and should continue to be used as a viable method of punishment.

He is not interested srgumentative forging a constructive politics of relationality with those who live in the margins of the Haitian society. For the topic you gave above, write a research question: The Haitian intellectual has no knowledge about the lived-experiences and lived-worlds of the Haitian masses nor does he have any interest to know or learn from the masses.

Jesus’ skin color bears tremendous implications on how we should krsc rethink about theology and race, Christianity and the problem of the color line in the modern world, God’s relationship with the poor, the oppressed, and people of color, and how we should treat those who live in the margins argumentatve society.


This essay studies the moral values and practical relevance of the South African concept of Ubuntu in the process of rethinking Black African theological ethics and Black African theological anthropology.

argumentative essay irsc

Narrow Your Topic Once you decide on a topic, you will typically need to narrow the focus of the subject. Moreover, the five-fold tenets of Black theological liberalism, which I proposed above, are both the direct and by-products of non-conservative and liberal seminaries and institutions, which train most of black theologians and clergy in the United States.

Such studies might enhance argumentativf understanding of the religion, and the connections between Africa and its Diaspora through argumenhative religious patterns and practices.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Joseph; Asselin Charles; Nixon S. In Cone’s work, Christian theology is portrayed as a public The color of Jesus does matter in the present time because it could help reshape Christian theology and transform Christian churches in the 21st century, and enhance interfaith dialogue between Abrahamaic and non-Abrahamaic religions In addition, he holds degrees in theological and religious studies. The objective of this essay is to investigate the public function of Christian theology in the politico-theological writings and hermeneutics of Irzc H.

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Do concealed weapons laws lower the incidence of public crimes? Second, it remaps and reframes Roumain’s intellectual circuits and his critical engagements within a wide range of intellectual traditions, cultural and political movements, and philosophical and religious systems.