In the space below, feel free to share any “fun facts” about yourself hobbies, interests, special talents, and accomplishments, etc. Even professional writers have trouble making think-pieces feel fresh. Is the second candidate out of the running? You can explain any mitigating circumstances in an addendum. You are also required to submit an additional essay no more than words with the JD application that addresses your interest in serving the needs of Latinx communities. The counselors at the shelter helped me develop an escape plan.

The idea is to build up momentum and keep it going. He taught literature and creative writing for several years at the University of Iowa. Then the market tanked. With this in mind, pick three songs or musical works to be playing in the background as the Admissions Committee reviews your materials. Each additional statement should be no more that one-page, double spaced.

I tried to take every gain and loss in stride.

Example 1: Investing

Inshe co-founded a medical device startup, which won first place at the Georgia Tech Startup Competition. Click here to write note.

In other words, she has to thin-slice.

7sage personal statement

Daniel has worked as a writing consultant for over a decade. Learn about our admissions consulting and editing services.

Admissions officers differentiate candidates with similar scores largely by looking at their personal statements.

After a 7Sage Edit I was the kind of person who wanted all my pencils the same length and all my waste paper put through the shredder: If you wish perspnal provide additional and relevant information that is not explained in the required application materials, please attach a brief statement. You truly brought out the best writer in me, and your guidance helped me get into a school that was a far-fetched dream.


7sage personal statement

Strong writing skills are paramount to being a successful attorney. You can get a free account here. How do you hope to address them with an American law degree? What, if anything, would you xtatement differently if confronted with this situation again? Talk to real, live lawyers. This is your primary opportunity to discuss who you are beyond the quantifiable components of your application.

In this draft, you do a great job of quantifying your losses: The personal statement is intended as an opportunity to give the Admissions Committee a statemnt sense of who you personxl as a person and as a potential 7sagee and graduate of Harvard Law School. You must be logged in to post a comment. These essays were edited by a 7Sage editor. We do not have a checklist of attributes; we would like for you to tell us what you believe is different and most important for us to know.

If you answered “yes” to the Doctoroff Program question: The important thing is to tell your story. You already have the germ of a strong theme: She has evaluated thousands of law school admissions files, interviewed hundreds of applicants, coordinated the waitlist, and advised both domestic and international candidates on the law school admissions process.

You are not required to provide the information below. I remember reading about the holocaust when I was about twelve and just being sickened by what had transpired and being very cognizant of how wrong it was and wanting to personally do something to prevent things like that from ever happening again.


She also, probably, has a rapidly diminishing store of patience. Your story showcases your financial competence and passion. In class one day my professor played a video of the trial of some leaders being charged with war crimes, sgatement rape, torture, and genocide.

In addition to listing diversity characteristics on the application form, we welcome diversity statements that describe any aspect of your background or experience that you personap like to provide. If you are applying for the Nordlicht Family Scholarship which supports social entrepreneurship through legal studies, your essay should address your interest in pursuing a career in social entrepreneurship.

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What was the outcome? Do not explain why you performed poorly on the SATs, got rejected from your top-choice college, or did not earn the GPA you had hoped for. The Admissions Committee looks to the word essay to evaluate an applicant’s writing, reasoning, and editing skills.

7sage personal statement

I suddenly understood investment was not only dealing with the market but also myself.